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If you follow Starbucks on Instagram, you’ve probably seen the Thailand-exclusive pastel two-tone (turquoise and pink) cups. Starbucks teamed up with Stanley for an exclusive-to-Thailand Adventure Quencher Tumbler. After much speculation about a U.S. run of that color, the Starbucks x Stanley collab dropped on May 9, 2023 as a Target exclusive. That means you could only — and I mean only — get this cup at Starbucks in Target locations. And it was next to impossible to actually get one.

Why? Well, my local Starbucks in Target baristas in New Jersey confirmed that each location only received TWO of these cups to sell. That’s not a typo — just two. They’re the 40 oz. size in a “pink peachy color,” selling for $44.95 each. And in case you are wondering, Target Starbucks employees didn’t get a crack at them first.

“We are not allowed to buy them, but a Target associate could buy one when we opened at 8 a.m,” a Starbucks barista told KCL.

That meant you truly needed to be first or second in line when your Starbucks in Target opened on May 9 to even have a chance of grabbing one. Talk about pressure!

When I went on Tuesday morning, there was a line of about eight people, and I was second in line. Since they had two cups, and only one per customer, only two people were able to buy them at a price of $44.95. Some locations across the country might’ve received four or six cups, but most got two, according to KCL sources.

Don’t worry if you miss out, though, because the Starbucks summer cups are here, and they’re available everywhere (not just Starbucks in Target). We’ll get into the details of what we know below, but first, text HACKS to 57299 to get all of the money-saving tips and shopping news The Krazy Coupon Lady has to offer.


What does the Stanley Starbucks cup look like?

It’s a 40-ounce Starbucks Stanley cup with a handle in a light peachy pink color. Although the turquoise-pink is a Thailand limited edition, the color in the U.S. collab is only pink


The retail price of the Stanley Starbucks cup is $44.95.

At the $45 price point, this version is on track with the other 40-ounce Stanley Tumblers. That is, all except the Soft Matte, which is $50. It sure beats these outrageous $250 and higher resale prices for coveted Stanley colors that I’ve seen online.

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The Starbucks Stanley Tumbler is ONLY available at Starbucks in Target locations — it’s a Target exclusive.

Sorry, but don’t hit up your local Starbucks franchise asking where the cups are. The Starbucks x Stanley tumbler collab is a Target exclusive, and is only available at Starbucks in Target locations.


Check out the new Starbucks Stanley Cup at Target today.

We can’t help it, we’re hooked on the new peach color of the Starbucks cup at Target.


Starbucks in Target employees are not allowed to purchase these cups, but Target associates are.

I know, bummer. But, my Starbucks confirmed that Target employees are allowed to buy the cup. Again, there are only two cups available at each Starbucks in Target location.


And just like that, the Starbucks x Stanley tumblers are going for upwards of $200 on eBay.

Resellers don’t waste any time, and you best believe these babies are already listed on eBay and quickly accumulating bids. While some are sitting around $140, there are others that are well in the $200 range and above. However, if you think that is ballsy (and it is), there’s a listing priced at $1500 (or best offer), and they’re still charging $17.95 for shipping. Please, just don’t.


Looking to get your hands on a Stanley right now? Here are some regular in-stock options.

hand holding white stanley quencher h2.o tumbler in target aisle

Stanley tumblers are hard to come by, whether they’re a special collaboration or not. But if you know where to look, you can find some of the brand’s product in stock in beloved colors from Dick’s, Target, and other retailers.

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The Starbucks x Stanley Arrived on May 9 as a Target Exclusive at $44.95