The North Face is one of those brands that doesn’t hit many sales racks and is often one of the big brands you can’t use coupons on. That doesn’t mean you CAN’T get a good deal.

We’re rounding up all our favorite places and ways to find The North Face sales so you never have to pay full price.

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1. Shop the REI Garage Sale to get up to 50% off The North Face.

REI has garage sales for its members every once in a while, depending on the location, where they sell used and returned items as is at a discounted price. This is a great opportunity to find The North Face apparel for up to 50% off. For example, I’ve seen a women’s fleece jacket for just $48.73 (reg. $99).


2. Save over 70% off The North Face apparel with Macy’s Last Act.

Score The North Face apparel with Macy’s Last Act (clearance). You can find savings of over 70%. Styles and sizes may be limited, but for such huge savings, it’s worth running to Macy’s and browsing their clearance section.


3. Buy Macy’s The North Face apparel during Black Friday to save 25%.

Can’t find anything in Macy’s Last Act? Watch for savings during their Black Friday, Labor Day, Black Friday in July, and semiannual sales. Many of them include The North Face apparel. Macy’s doesn’t allow coupons for The North Face products, but the sales can be great on their own.


4. Shop DICK’S Sporting Goods January through March for up to 50% off The North Face.

Expect to find The North Face markdowns around January through March at DICK’s Sporting Goods as they begin to prep their stores with spring clothing. In the past few years, we’ve found the best sales on The North Face during these months during their outerwear and winter jacket sales.

Once The North Face hits 50% off at DICK’S, buy it, as they usually don’t discount anymore. (And even if they do, it’ll be super picked over.)

Also worth mentioning, during Black Friday 2020 DICK’S advertised 35% off all The North Face outerwear.


5. Make sure you’re not buying counterfeit The North Face products.

Always check and double-check before buying from third-party sellers (like on Amazon) for:

  • Errors in the logo. Real apparel made by The North Face will have nice even stitches and spaces between the letters in the logo. The worst counterfeits tend to have errors like bad stitches or even misspellings.
  • A red tag. Real The North Face products have a red hangtag outside. On the tag should be the product code, style code, barcode, price, and place of manufacture. However, this isn’t helpful if the tags have already been taken off.
  • Paracord zippers. Check small details like zippers, buttons, pulls, and studs. Zippers should never be plastic.
  • Anything more than 50% off. While it is possible to get more than 50% off, like at, it’s not very common, so be extra careful.



6. Look for sales up to 70% off on The North Face at in late winter/early spring. offers mainly discontinued styles, at half price year-round and up to 70% off in the spring when they begin to go on clearance. Who cares if The North Face doesn’t make poppy-colored rain jackets anymore if you can get yours for half off?

I found a women’s down jacket on REI for $171.73 on sale and a very similar style on for just $115.00.


7. Shop The North Face at Ross, T.J.Maxx, Marshalls, and the Sierra Nevada Trading Post for half-price apparel.

You can save big bucks on popular name brands like The North Face when you hunt for a deal at Ross, Marshalls, T.J.Maxx, or the Sierra Nevada Trading Post. It can be a total hit or miss as the stock is different at every store. For example, in my area, I always have the best luck finding The North Face at T.J.Maxx.

Some of these stores also have online stores, but shop in store to find limited-quantity items, fresh markdowns, and a better selection.

Of course, stock is inconsistent, but is there any better feeling than finding a treasure at one of these stores and then paying almost nothing for it?


8. Shop at The North Face outlets for up to 30% off.

Find lower prices on never-been-worn North Face products by getting them at one of The North Face outlet stores.

Get discounted overstock (items they’ve made too much of), discontinued (items they’ve quit making), factory seconds (minimally irregular or damaged items), and outlet exclusives (items made exclusively to be sold at outlets).

Outlet-exclusive items tend to be lower quality and are never actually sold in regular The North Face stores. Always check for loose stitches, tears in the fabric, and cheap zippers.


9. Turn on notifications for The North Face on the KCL app.

Download the KCL app and turn on notifications for The North Face. We’ll send you all the best The North Face deals and give you step-by-step instructions to help you get the deals.


10. Find tons of The North Face clearance and sales on

I find The North Face sales on often! My most recent finds included a pullover women’s sweatshirt for $73.99 (reg. $148.95) and a women’s jacket for $124.99 (reg. $248.95). That’s up to 50% in savings!

Usually, I find the best deals by using store promo codes on top of their sale prices. Find more great The North Face deals when they offer gift cards when you spend a certain amount. For example, I bought a Women’s ThermoBall Full Zip Jacket on sale for $148.99 (reg. $198.95) and received a $20 gift card for spending over $99.



11. Check for The North Face deals up to 55% off.

Check for all kinds of great deals on The North Face apparel especially in the spring. Last April I found tons of deals for The North Face including a women’s fleece for $74.48 (reg. $148.95).

These deals are super easy too, because they hardly ever need coupons. Get 50% off The North Face just by buying them on sale!


12. Thrift stores are a great place to find used and low priced The North Face gear.

Check thrift stores for The North Face apparel. Sometimes you can even find jackets lower than $10! One great place to look is where you can get up to 70% off used The North Face apparel. They almost always have a bonus offer when you first sign up. Recently it was an extra 50% off!

The best part is The North Face lifetime warranty. If you pick something up at a thrift store that has a defect, send it in to be evaluated to see if it can be replaced or fixed! Use the warranty for things like a broken zipper or a waterproof jacket that isn’t waterproof. The lifetime warranty doesn’t cover regular wear and tear, though, so if it seems like an older product with stains or worn-out fabric, be warned–they probably won’t replace it.

(Tips 13-15 are thanks to KCL reader comments from Laura Dunzweiler! Thank you, Laura!)


13. Join The North Face rewards program VIPeak for exclusive sales and discounts.

Sign up for The North Face VIPeak rewards program for first dibs on sales, discounts & coupons, and points on purchases. The VIPeak program gives 10 points for every dollar you spend. Sign up for emails and get more coupons. You can stack the rewards coupons with other deals on (like Cyber Monday 25% off everything). Here’s the breakdown of rewards:

  • 2000 points, you get a $20 gift card (10% cash back).
  • 3500 points, you get a $25 gift card (7% cash back).
  • 5000 points, you get a $30 gift card (6% cash back).


14. Get up to 45% off on The North Face footwear and apparel on

For Black Friday/Cyber Monday, offers 25% off The North Face shoes and apparel. Join My Shoes Rewards and get $5 off your first purchase and 1 point for every dollar spent. Redeem 100 points for $5 off your next order (5% cash back).


15. Shop for 22-55% off year-round.

Look for year-round savings on The North Face merchandise at Stack Hibbett’s Rewards insider coupons and rewards dollars to increase the savings to up to 55%.


15 Best Places to Find The North Face Sales and Discounts