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37 Viral TikTok Amazon Finds That Will Save You $$$

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TikTok is good for more than dancing and lip-syncing videos. There are also a ton of real-life recs for genius products you wish you’d come up with yourself, that also make life way easier. To save you hours of scrolling, we rounded up some of our all-time favorite TikTok Amazon finds under $25.

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1. Esarora Ice Roller

Whether you’re struggling with puffiness, a migraine, or fatigue, ice rollers can help soothe and revitalize. They also prevent wrinkles, improve dry skin, and shrink pores. Basically, the benefits are limitless for such a small cost ($16.49+ at the time of writing), and you need to add one to your arsenal, stat.

“I struggle with puffiness in my face caused by chronic illness, and this has been so relieving.” — Amazon reviewer.

$16.49$18.99(13% off)

2. Maxsoft Hair Scalp Massager Shampoo Brush

You know the blissful feeling you get when you’re at the salon having your hair washed? This silicone shampoo massager, $6.98+ or up to 30% off right now, will recreate it for you at home. Extra helpful for those with dandruff, your scalp is guaranteed to feel cleaner and more refreshed after use — no spendy hair appointment necessary.

“Since using this brush, I have noticed a significant improvement in the overall health of my scalp and hair.” — Amazon reviewer.


3. S&T Inc. Soap Saver

If slimy soap is a problem, then this plastic riser is the solution. The holes encourage air circulation to help bars dry out completely, eliminating soap scum and slipperiness. This means they’ll last way longer and save you a bunch of money over time. Not bad for $6.99 for a four-pack.

“Keeps the soap from becoming a gooey mess to clean.” — Amazon reviewer.

Price Summary
$1.75 per soap saver

4. Hero Cosmetics Mighty Patch Original

Instead of picking and squeezing at your face every time a blemish pops up, just stick on one of these hydrocolloid acid patches before bed. Overnight, Mighty Patches act as your personal dermatologist for a fraction of the price—$12.99 for a 36-pack—and draw out all the gunk. Warning: They’re kind of addicting.

“Mighty Patch is the best acne gel spot I’ve tested and I’ve tried a LOT.” — Amazon reviewer.

Price Summary
$0.36 per patch

5. Product Trend Battery Organizer and Tester

File this under things you don’t know you need until you have it. If you’re constantly losing and buying new batteries, this $23.99 organizer is going to be a game changer for you. Plus, the included battery tester ensures you’re not wasting space with dead batteries.

“It is a great tool to save your batteries.” — Amazon reviewer.



6. Puzmug Oil Spray Bottle

We’ve all attempted to pour oil from a bottle while making a meal, only to be left with a soggy salad or extra oily pan. With this spray bottle that’s 20% off right now at $11.19, not only will you never have to worry about that again, but you’ll also save yourself from constantly rebuying more oil (and food you’ll inevitably soak).

“This oil sprayer does a great job [reducing] the amount of oil needed, especially when roasting vegetables in the oven.” — Amazon reviewer.

$11.19$13.99(20% off)

7. AceMining Portable Door Lock

Whether you travel a lot or simply live alone, this portable door lock adds an extra layer of protection in case of intruders and only costs $14.99 right now (17% off). When the metal plate is tightly secured between the door and door frame, only cracking the door frame will let someone in — a very, very small price to pay for safety.

“[This product] made me feel better sleeping knowing I had an extra layer of security on the hotel door.” — Amazon reviewer.


8. Excel Gadgets Silicone Stretch Lids

Foil and wraps are annoying, baggies run out, and lids get lost, but these can easily do the job of all three for the price of one at $12.49. Six sizes per pack fit containers from 3″ – 10″, each one creating the perfect seal every time. Note: these sell out quickly, but we’re keeping an eye out for restocks.

“I was a little unsure that the round lids would actually fit on anything that wasn’t round, but my first use was on a square bowl and it worked just fine.” — Amazon reviewer.

Price Summary
$2.08 per lid

9. Odistar Desktop Vacuum Cleaner

This $12.98+ extra compact gadget can suck up crumbs, ashes, and all kinds of tiny bits much faster than you can wipe down a surface or grab a pricier mini vacuum. While it’s marketed for desktops, you’ll find it’s equally effective on tables, in drawers, and more.

“I love this thing. [It’s] obviously not meant for heavy-duty cleaning, but it’s perfect for simple cleanups.” — Amazon reviewer.

$12.98$19.98(35% off)

10. Arrow Mini Ice Cube Trays

If you like fast food restaurant ice, you’re going to love these ice trays. An inexpensive (currently $12.98 for a three-pack) alternative to daily restaurant visits and fancy at-home ice machines, each silicone tray can make 60 cubes — and because the trays are silicone, they’re super easy to empty. You can also use these to make things like dog treats, frozen herbs, and hard candy.

“These trays are a great way to get the smaller ice that you can get at some restaurants without spending hundreds on an ice maker.” — Amazon reviewer.

$12.98$14.99(13% off)
Price Summary
$4.33 per tray


11. EZCO Mini Bag Sealer

We’re all guilty of unnecessary (and costly) food waste, not just for everyday meals but also during trips like camping and beach vacations. This handy mini bag sealer both reseals your bags and cuts off the excess packaging, which means your food stays fresh longer. You’ll make back your investment, just $13.99 and up to 26% off, in a single grocery run.

“I leave this on my fridge and it’s perfect for when I can’t find scissors near me.” — Amazon reviewer.

As low as$13.99$18.99(26% off)

12. Demora Foot Peel Mask

The next time your feet need some TLC, don’t pay $$$ at the nail salon for an appointment. Instead, pick up this iconic “TikTok made me buy it” find instead. Keep the foot mask socks on for 60 minutes, then prepare yourself for a satisfying skin peel within two weeks — and after that, baby-soft skin starts at $14.97 and up to 25% off.

“Yes, TikTok made me buy it. But let me tell you…I’ve bought it again and again.” — Amazon reviewer.

As low as$14.97$19.99(25% off)
Price Summary
$7.48 per mask

13. Stardrops The Pink Stuff

Everyone has something in their home they just can’t get 100% clean — but The Pink Stuff has proven time and time again that it can get virtually all stains out. A “TikTok made me buy it” favorite with a reputation for being a miracle worker, it attacks all the stubborn stains, unsightly rust, and frustrating grime it touches. Before you buy all-new pans or throw away your favorite shoes, try this first for $19.99 for a three-pack.

“Thanks to this stuff, we have a much better chance at getting our security deposit back.” — Amazon reviewer.

Price Summary
$6.66 per container

14. Revlon Oil-Absorbing Roller

If you thought you were stuck with oily skin forever, think again. This $14.49 face roller is made from genuine volcanic stone, which basically acts as reusable blotting paper by soaking up excess oil in seconds. For less than $15, it’ll replace all the skincare, facials, and dermatologist appointments you’ve been paying for to help refresh your face.

“This roller works wonders! A couple of passes and the oil on my face is gone!” — Amazon reviewer.


15. Bug Bite Thing Suction Tool

Before rising to “TikTok made me buy it” fame, Bug Bite Thing made its debut on Shark Tank for its magical ability to suction out the irritants from insect bites and stings. No need to invest in a mini-pharmacy of creams and patches when you have this $9.90 handy tool.

“I pulled on it for about 30 seconds and to my amazement, the pain went away, and the swelling disappeared. It was like the bee sting never happened.” — Amazon reviewer.



16. Suprus Electric Lighter

Have you ever tried to use a lighter, only to find out it’s out of fluid and you need to buy another new one? This $13.99 rechargeable option is going to change your life. And, certain patterns are currently on sale for as low as $6.49. It’s super lightweight and designed to be splashproof and windproof, and even shows the battery volume so you’ll never be surprised with a dead lighter again.

“What a cool device! I love its sleek look and functionality.” — Amazon reviewer.

As low as$6.49$9.99(35% off)

17. Arcana Arc Water Bottle with Time Marker

Water is a free way to help address issues like digestion, headaches, and joint pain. The problem? It can be hard to remember to drink enough. Time markers on this water bottle, at $17.99, remind you to keep hydrating until the bottle’s empty at noon, at which point, you fill it up again to stay on track toward your goal of two liters.

“Very nice water bottle and the subtle time reminders are awesome!” — Amazon reviewer.

As low as$17.99$24.99(28% off)

18. Quakehold Museum Wax

Curators, preservationists, and collectors all over the world rely on museum wax to keep their breakables from harm for just (right now) $11.27, and you can use it too. When applied to the bottom of your most valuable objects, they become safe from damage via light earthquakes, energetic dogs, and antsy kids. The result: no more being forced to splurge on replacements.

“I absolutely love it and for the price, you get an insane amount of product. Great for crafty people or collectors.” — Amazon reviewer.

As low as$11.27$11.99(6% off)
Price Summary
$0.86 per ounce

19. Venus Visage Teeth Whitening Pen

Although high-quality teeth whitening can feel out of the budget, thanks to these cheap, fast-acting, and effective pens ($19.99 for two, or $15.99 with a coupon), it’s more affordable than ever. Each whitening pen can be used 20+ times for 30 seconds every day and will make your teeth 4-8 shades whiter with consistent, consecutive use.

“I have tried many whitening products throughout the years but this product has been the best.” — Amazon reviewer.

$15.99$29.99(47% off)
Price Summary
$7.99 per pen

20. First Aid Beauty KP Bump Eraser Body Scrub

If you have some tiny bumps on your skin you can’t seem to get rid of, you may have keratosis pilaris—and no, you don’t need to buy an expensive scrub to treat it. This $12 option reached “TikTok made me buy it” status for its ability to not just help smooth the keratosis pilaris, but make it disappear completely. It’s also helpful for strawberry legs, melasma, and more.

“This works really good for my hyperpigmentation, blackheads, and bumpy skin.” — Amazon reviewer.

Price Summary
$6 per tube


21. Wad-Free for Bed Sheets Detangler

Raise your hand if you’ve ever taken your sheets out of the dryer only to discover they’re wrinkled and still wet! There’s an easy solution to this problem, which in addition to being inconvenient, also ups your energy bill: bed sheet detanglers, $19.99 for two, with tabs for each corner to prevent tangling and twisting.

“I’m glad I bought these because it cut down on the number of loads of laundry I had to run every week as well as on how long I needed to run my dryer.” — Amazon reviewer.

Price Summary
$9.99 each

22. Quick & Clean Cleaning Cups for Keurig K-Cup Machine

Coffee’s not the only thing that’s effortless with a Keurig K-Cup machine—cleaning is too (when you use these, that is). If your daily cup of coffee is tasting a little off, you probably don’t need to replace your machine. It’s probably the built-up residue and grinds. Brew one of these non-toxic, biodegradable cups ($9.95 for six) every two-ish weeks to prevent it from building up in the future.

“This is much better than using vinegar or the Keurig solution.” — Amazon reviewer.


23. Oudew Mini Car Trash Can

Prevent old baggies, wrappers, and receipts from taking over your car (and the subsequent detailing needed) with this $10.99 mini car trash can. We love the sleek design that fits easily in your cup holder or car door pocket.

“Didn’t realize that I needed them, until I bought them… Makes me wonder what my kids were doing with their trash before I got these trashcans.” — Amazon reviewer.


24. Bedsure Satin Pillowcases, 20″x30″

The beauty industry has been touting the benefits of silk pillowcases forever. These faux satin pillowcases, as low as $7.19 for two, couldn’t be better priced—and they’re also way more durable. From reducing split ends and tugging to hydrating your skin and hair, this option is a great value.

“The Bedsure Satin Pillowcase is a fantastic product that has made a noticeable difference in the health of my hair and skin.” — Amazon reviewer.

As low as$7.19$12.99(45% off)
Price Summary
$3.60 each

25. EvridWear Exfoliating Gloves

Get ahead of common skin problems and upgrade your shower with these exfoliating gloves ($7.99 or 27% off as of publication) that get rid of all the dead skin and impurities that result in acne, eczema, and rashes. Simply choose the gloves with your desired level of exfoliation and enjoy smooth, soft skin.

“They help me so much with dry skin, especially in winter.” — Amazon reviewer.

$7.99$10.99(27% off)


26. Foloda Bed Sheet Fasteners

There are few things more annoying than sheets that keep slipping off the mattress. Did they shrink? Is the elastic shot? Enter these $8.99 fasteners, which use elastic bungee cords with clips placed under each corner of your mattress to keep the fabric in place.

“No more sheets slipping off in the middle of the night and then having to adjust and remake the bed!” — Amazon reviewer.

$8.99$12.99(31% off)

27. Flavacol Popcorn Season Salt

Turns out, you don’t need to go to the movie theater to get movie theater popcorn. This salt, $9.60 right now, gives you the exact same taste at a much lower price and is one of the “TikTok made me buy it” community’s best (and most delicious) hacks.

“If you want movie popcorn taste you have to have this. It’s the secret sauce.” — Amazon reviewer.

Price Summary
$9.12 per ounce

28. Joseph Joseph DrawerStore Compact Cutlery Organizer

One of the top challenges in every kitchen I’ve ever cooked in has been limited drawer space. This compact cutlery organizer, which is currently $11.99, solves all the space problems: it’s brilliantly designed to layer the silverware on top of each other instead of laying it all out on the same level. This handy organizing product helped me double the usable space in my silverware drawer. I’m hooked.

“We’ve gained so much space in our small kitchen drawer since we got this.” — Amazon reviewer.


29. Ahyuan Roll-Up Dish Drying Rack, 17×8″x11.2″

Save money, counter space, and storage with this major multitasker ($9.89 at 41% off) that can be used as a dish rack, of course, and also a cutting board, trivet, and freezer rack. The best part? It can be compactly rolled up into any drawer when you’re done.

“This has helped me cut down on my dish towel [laundry] by so much!” — Amazon reviewer.


30. Rubbermaid Reveal Power Scrubber

It is possible to thoroughly clean the grout and hardware you’d otherwise be tempted to replace— well, at least when you have this $24.93 power scrubber in hand. It’s basically the bristle brush version of an electric toothbrush and is perfect for cleaning small surface areas.

“This wand brush speeds through the chore of cleaning around the faucets and drains. It works like crazy.” — Amazon reviewer.




31. Yueshico Watermelon Cubes Slicer

Watermelon fans, this one’s for you. Save yourself a ton of time (or money, if you buy yours pre-cut) with this $12.37 gadget that slices whole watermelons down to cubes in only minutes. Useful yet unique, it’s pretty much the definition of a “TikTok made me buy it” find.

“This little device is a brilliant idea and it works very well. I used this to cut a medium size melon in less than 10 minutes.” — Amazon reviewer.

Price Summary
$6.19 per tool

32. Elite Gourmet Rapid Egg Cooker

Never go out to breakfast again! Boiled, poached, scrambled, omelet—this $13.99 kitchen must-have makes eggs any way you crave them, without the restaurant up-charge. With a built-in timer, a buzzer, and auto shut-off, perfect eggs are guaranteed every time.

“I was so surprised when I tasted the eggs it makes. They are delicious. Easy to use and easy to clean.” — Amazon reviewer.


33. Cutygirl Car Visor Mirror

Whether you’re running late and have to finish your makeup or you need some touch-ups but can’t go home, this super convenient $19.99 LED mirror has touchscreen switches and three light modes that will ensure your makeup is always on point. No more wasting product on redos until it’s perfect again, or wondering if you missed a spot later on.

“The battery lasts so long! Easy to install and the actual mirror quality is amazing.” — Amazon reviewer.


34. Zulay Milk Frother

Channel your inner barista and add this $19.99 handheld milk frother to your coffee station. Petite and surprisingly powerful, this frother will quickly turn your favorite drinks into creamy concoctions. Plus, it’ll pay for itself in days because you won’t be hitting up the local coffee shop for your daily caffeine boost.

“Worked very well, frothed wonderfully, and very easy to clean.” — Amazon reviewer.


35. Tronco Glass Tumbler

Last, but definitely not least on our “TikTok made me buy it” list, is this modern glass tumbler, $15.99 as I’m writing, that comes in more than 30 different colors. Glass is way better for the environment than plastic, and if it breaks within a year of purchasing Tronco will send you a replacement for free.

“This cup makes me look so bougie, and it’s super durable.” — Amazon reviewer.


36. Maybelline Sky High Mascara

Tiktokers can’t stop raving about how this Maybelline Sky High mascara delivers on volume and length. The best part? Save 5% on your first Subscribe & Save order and up to 15% on future deliveries if you buy mascara often.

“This mascara truly lives up to its name, providing incredible volume, length, definition, and curl.” — Amazon reviewer.

As low as$8.48$9.98(15% off)

37. 3 Otters Makeup Headband

One of our favorite beauty deals is this 3 Otters makeup headband. It often goes on sale down to $10.99, bringing the price per item to $1.37 each.

“These are perfect for doing my makeup, washing my face, or just looking so super cute around the house.” — Amazon reviewer.

$11.99$14.99(20% off)
Price Summary
$1.50 each

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