Did you know that cell plan carriers give you freebies just for being a customer? Check out T-Mobile Tuesdays and other cell plan freebies to see how you can save money and get free stuff.

(Take note: To get most of these sweet deals, you need to be a customer.)

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1. Use the T-Mobile Tuesdays app to save $.10 per gallon at Shell.

If you’re a T-Mobile customer, every Tuesday you can #getthanked with limited deals and freebies in the T-mobile Tuesdays app. Just download the app and you’re all set!

These deals run every week:

  • Shell – Get $0.10 off per gallon for up to 20 gallons by downloading the Fuel Rewards app and activating your weekly code. You can save up to $2 a week on gas, or $100 annually.
  • Booking.com – Get up to 40% off hotels by booking through tmobiletravel.com. Look for the Exclusive Rate box to see their discounts and click “Reserve.”


PRO TIP: Want more promo codes? Check out this T-mobile subreddit. Every week, T-Mobile users post there to either trade or give out their personal promo codes that they won’t use. Also, for every phone line you have with T-mobile, you get to download the app. If you don’t use your promo codes, trade them with family members or friends and save!


2. Use the AT&T Thanks cell plan freebies app for a free movie ticket.

AT&T customers (phone or internet) can download the AT&T Thanks app to get in on special deals and perks. Here’s what’s available to customers every week:

  • Ticket Twosdays – Every Tuesday, you get buy-1-get-1-free movie tickets (up to $50 in savings a month) for select showings.
  • Spotify – If you’re new to Spotify, enjoy a six-month free trial of Spotify Premium and pocket $60.
  • AT&T Thanks Event Access – Every Friday, you can enter for a chance to win a free pair of tickets to an event, like a live concert or a sporting event. There’s a limit of one pair of tickets per month per account.
  • Weekly dining deals and sweepstakes opportunities. This week, you can get 25% off of an 18-, 27- or 36-pack of macarons at Woops!


3. Download the Verizon Up app to use credits for cell plan freebies.

Verizon Up uses a credit system to reward Verizon mobile customers. (They also offer local restaurant discounts in the app, such as 25% off your total meal or $3 Panera bread eGift cards, which you don’t need a credit to use.)

Here’s how the credit system works:

  • You get one free credit for signing up, and one credit added to your account each month
  • Credits expire within 30 days.
  • One credit gets you one free reward of your choice every month, or it can be applied to Device Dollars (1 credit = 5 Device Dollars). Device Dollars can only be used when purchasing a smartphone, tablet, or basic phone.
  • Credits can be used to claim Super Tickets. Super Tickets will get you into sporting events, concerts, or win you free electronics. (In the app, you’ll see a Super Ticket countdown. When it hits zero, tap “Try to claim.” If you’re lucky, you’ll win a pair of tickets or a prize. If you win, only then is your credit taken. You are only eligible to win one Super Ticket every six months per account, but you can try to claim one every time a Super Ticket is available.)
  • Credits can also be used to purchase eGift Cards or to take $10 off select accessories (must be a $15 value or more).



4. Sprint doesn’t offer cell plan freebies, unless you buy something.

Sprint’s My Sprint Rewards program is not super rewarding, so I would pass. But if you already have a Sprint phone plan, you might as well get something out of it.

As of now, Sprint’s only recurring monthly offer is one free FandangoNOW rental, a digital movie ticketing service that lets you buy tickets in advance and stream movies and TV shows on their platform.

Sprint also hands out “free” things every month, but for most, you have to buy something. Some examples:

  • A free dessert at Chuck E. Cheese with the purchase of a large or extra-large pizza and 30 minutes of All You Can Play for free.
  • A free winter hat that you could pick up in store by tapping “Get Free Hat” in the app in front of an employee. (But Sprint customers in this Reddit thread don’t think that anyone actually got the hat.)

Sprint also offers cash-back rewards, which are strangely specific. (What are the odds you’ll remember to take advantage of a cash-back offer for Airbnb through your Sprint app?) Examples :

  • $50 cash back to become an Airbnb host
  • 15% cash back for new eHarmony members
  • 25% cash back for Avast software
  • $25 cash back (or 30% off) your first cleaning experience with Handy.com



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Check Out T-Mobile Tuesdays and Other Cell Plan Freebies!