Man, you gotta feel bad for Toys”R”Us. They were all poised for a comeback, and had even opened two new stores under their new parent company TRU Kids, Inc., and then BAM — the pandemic happened.

Like many, many, MANY other stores, Toys”R”Us’ retail aspirations took a hit in 2020.

Here’s what you need to know:


Toys”R”Us closed their only two stores in January.

Back in November 2019, TRU Kids opened Toys”R”Us stores in malls in Houston, Texas and Paramus, New Jersey.

The Houston store closed on Jan. 15, 2021, and the New Jersey location closed 11 days later.

There weren’t any Toys”R”Us liquidation sales like there were back in 2018; closures were described as “quiet” and didn’t have any fanfare.

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They haven’t given up on new stores.

TRU Kids says the closures were due to Covid-19 — but that doesn’t mean the dream of new Toys”R”Us stores is over.

The company told CNN that they’re planning to “pivot … to new locations and platforms that have better traffic.”

That could mean new stores, initiatives like in-store popups, or something completely new.

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Toys”R”Us still exists online — sort of.

But they’ve gone from seller to curator; presents a collection of featured products, linked to Amazon — instead of being housed within their own online store.


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