If you’re anything like me, you’ve got a drawer full of old phones, video games and broken iPods that you just don’t know what to do with. Well, it turns out you could have a drawer full of money! There are numerous companies that will buy those old gadgets from you for cash or in exchange for gift cards. Next time you decide to upgrade your electronics (or do a little spring cleaning) why not turn in your old gadgets and get some green for them? Here are the best places to trade in your electronics:

1. Gazelle

Gazelle is one of the easiest sites to use for turning in your old electronics and has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. They accept numerous brands of phones and all Apple products, such as iPods and laptops. To use Gazelle, simply find your product on their site, answer a few questions and they will tell you the value of your item. For example, if you have a 16GB iPhone 4 that you’d like to turn in, depending on the condition, Gazelle will offer you anywhere from $50 to $155 and as much as $110 for a 16GB original iPad! Just ship it to them free of charge, and they will pay you via Paypal, Amazon gift card or check.

2. Nextworth

Nextworth works in the same way as Gazelle, but in addition to phones, they accept cameras, game consoles, calculators, video games and e-readers. Simply send your item in, and they send you cash, or you can take your items to select Target stores. Nextworth has recently partnered with Target and now allows you to turn in your items at over 1,400 select Target stores in exchange for a Target Electronics Trade-In Card that can be used in-stores and online. The current trade-in values at Nextworth are very similar to those at Gazelle, with current offerings at about $150 for a 16GB AT&T iPhone 4, $55 for a Nintendo 3DS and $166 for a Galaxy Note.

3. Best Buy

In addition to phones, Best Buy accepts GPS systems, musical instruments, cameras, computers and more. What’s nice about the Best Buy program is that you can find the value of your item online and then either send it in or take it to your local Best Buy and walk out with a Best Buy gift card! How easy is that? Best Buy currently offers about $70 for a 16 GB Kindle Fire in good condition and will give you anywhere from $2 to $17 each for all those video games you’ve got lying around.

4. RadioShack

Like Best Buy, RadioShack offers two ways to trade in your old electronics (in store and online), and they will give you a RadioShack gift card in exchange for your items. RadioShack typically offers anywhere form $10 to $55 for those old Blackberrys (depending on model and condition) and around $30 for a Galaxy S.

5. Amazon

Amazon’s trade-in program allows you to turn in electronics, books, music, movies, video games and more. After you submit your trade-in form online, you must print the shipping label within 7 business days. Once they receive and review the item, they will apply an Amazon gift card to your account, which usually takes about 2 days. You can look up virtually any item on Amazon, and underneath the listed price you will see a blue box with the current trade-in value of that item. An old XBox 360 4GB will currently fetch you about $75. Remember that Nintendo Wii that you said you would use every day to work out with that’s now covered in dust? You can send that in and score about $50.

6. Walmart

Walmart allows you to trade in items in exchange for a Walmart e-gift card. Their trade-in program is done online and is similar to those above. Choose the item that you will be sending in, answer a few questions about the condition, print off the shipping label, and they will email you a Walmart e-card which can be used online or in stores. Walmart typically offers between $50 and $155 for iPhones and up to $243 for select tablets.

7. BuyMyTronics

BuyMyTronics is actually owned and operated by Gamestop, but the trade-in process is done entirely online. They accept new, used, and even broken items and pay via check or Paypal. One of the perks of Buymytronics is that they delete all information off of your items so you don’t need to worry about security. They also accept broken items — you can score as much as $63 for a broken iPhone!

Trade in Your Old Electronics for Cash