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Sometimes some of us need more help falling — and staying — asleep, especially around daylight savings time. We’ve tried all the things: sleepy teas, meditating, you name it. And yet there we lay like an owl on its third cappuccino. At least in my experience, not being able to sleep can not only take a chunk out of your mental health but your wallet as well.

With the OK from my doctor, I turned to Unisom Simple Slumbers for occasional sleeplessness and have never looked back. My sleep has never been better. So when I heard that Unisom’s holding a sale nationwide, right around daylight savings time, I did some digging.

Here’s why we think these Unisom gummies are worth the investment (and how you can get them for even cheaper). We also included a few tips and tricks on how to adjust to your new sleeping routine.

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Unisom Simple Slumbers helps calm the mind so you can stay asleep.

Someone holding a glass of water about to take a blue tablet medication

I had great success managing my occasional sleeplessness with OTC solutions. After taking the Unisom Simple Slumbers, I slept like a total champ.

These sleeping gummies are completely drug-free, melatonin supplements that work with your body’s natural sleep cycle, (which comes in REAL handy when your body’s all wonky from daylight savings time).

The unique formulation of these Unisom sleeping gummies really piqued my interest because it naturally helps you fall asleep fast, stay asleep, and calm the mind. As a diehard Unisom fan, I had to give it a whirl. It’s got rave reviews, with customers (including me!) loving the efficacy, convenience, and taste. Before bed, enjoy the Midnight Raspberry flavor — and at a price as low as $10.98, it’s an extremely affordable option.


Here’s how to save on Unisom Simple Slumbers.

unisom simple slumbers

There are a few different ways to save like a boss on Unisom:

  1. BOGO50 — Buy one Unisom product, get one 50% off 2/26/23 – 3/11/23. This deal is active at stores nationwide, including Walgreens and Rite Aid.
  2. Use a SmartSource coupon to score $4 off any Unisom Slumbers supplement.
  3. Print this $2 off coupon directly from Unisom’s website.
  4. Buy with other participating brands and get a $10 reward* ($40 minimum purchase required).

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Take Advantage of the $10 Reward on Nighttime Relief Solutions

Bonus on this one! If you suffer from other ailments that can mess with your sleep, such as allergies, heartburn, minor aches and pains, occasional constipation, or more, stock up on these other products that are part of the $10 Reward promotion and load up on the savings. Remember these deals will be active from 2/26/23 – 3/11/23.

1. Dulcolax® Laxative Tablet, Overnight Relief (25 ct)

Make like Elsa and “let it go” with these constipation relief tablets ($9.99, Walgreens). They work overnight for effective morning relief.


2. Maximum Strength* Aspercreme 4% Lidocaine with Lavender Essential Oil

Fast-acting lidocaine ($12.49, Walgreens) temporarily relieves minor aches and pains with a lovely, calming lavender scent. Bonus: it has a super convenient, mess-free roll-on applicator. *Among OTC topical analgesics


3. Zantac 360° (25 ct)

Maybe you ate too many jalapeño poppers and now your esophagus feels like a lava lamp. Pop one of these babies ($13.99, CVS) and it’ll work its magic fast and lasts up to 12 hours.


4. Xyzal (35 ct)

If you know the misery that is allergies, you gotta try this formula ($23.99, Walgreens). One pill in the evening works within one hour and lasts 24.


More Tips on Getting Adjusted to Your New Sleep Schedule

A woman using a stationary exercise bike in her room.

The ultimate goal in combating the negative effects of daylight saving is maintaining a healthy sleep-wake cycle. It’s your Baby Yoda… it must be protected at all costs. Consider these tips:

Gradually adjust your sleep schedule

A few days before daylight saving time, try to gradually shift your bedtime and wake-up time to align with the new schedule. We’re talking just like 10 minutes at a time. You can do it.

Maintain a consistent sleep schedule

Once you make the adjustment, try to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day, even on weekends (yeah, we said it). This can help regulate your body’s internal clock. Your circadian rhythm will thank you.

Create a sleep-conducive environment

Make sure your sleep environment is cool, dark, and quiet. Consider using a noise machine or earplugs if necessary. Cut down on any unnatural light sources or cover them with electrical tape. And good grief, turn off the true crime, will you?

Exercise regularly

As if we needed another good reason to exercise, it can drastically improve sleep quality and promote better sleep patterns (but sleep experts say to avoid it at least four hours before bedtime).

Go easy the first few days

Try not to overload your schedule those first few days after the transition. It’s rough, guys. Let your body rest and relax a little bit as it tries to adjust.

Avoid caffeine and alcohol

Just hear me out. These substances can seriously disrupt sleep, so at least use them sparingly and with caution, and definitely not anywhere close to bedtime (experts say no caffeine past 2 p.m.).

Let the results “sleep” for themselves, and good luck come March 12… may the odds be ever in our favor.

Good night, my friends.

How to Save on Unisom Simple Slumbers for a Better Sleep