Are you as obsessed with Pinterest as I am? Recently, Pinterest made a new change that only makes me love it more. A few months ago, Pinterest announced that they would begin alerting their users if the price dropped on an item they had previously 'pinned.' In the past couple months, I've already been alerted to a price drop on four different items and have even used it to score a new pair of sandals for spring!

So how do you start receiving these alerts? Simply 'pin' merchandise from websites you're interested in, and Pinterest will send you an automatic email if there's a change in price. Personally, I like to organize the merchandise I'm interested in buying on a designated board and include the price in the description. It allows me to keep track of things I'm on the hunt for or saving up to buy. This will allow you to easily monitor your price changes, especially with the help of Pinterest's new tool!

Have you received any price updates from Pinterest? Has it helped you score a great deal? Let us know in the comments!

How to Use Pinterest's Price Drop Alerts to Find Great Deals!