High-quality nutritional supplements are so important to good health. Many avoid supplements over fears they are too expensive. That’s a myth I’m ready to bust! I can afford great-quality nutritional supplements and nourish my bank account at the same time.

Local drugstore and health food store prices can put nutritional supplements out of reach. Then I learned the secret to saving bundles on supplements — buy online!


I don't just shop with one online nutritional supplement seller. Instead, I check out various retailers based on different sales and what I need to buy. My favorites are:

These are all highly rated and reputable sellers, and their prices are often up to 50 percent less than what I'd pay at a local store. They also offer grocery items, health foods, household cleaners, beauty products and even toilet paper. Don’t forget to check out Amazon.com.

Big Savings

At Whole Foods, the popular Natural Vitality brand Natural Calm magnesium supplement costs $37.99, but at iHerb.com I can often buy it for $24.00 (37 percent savings). At my local Kroger store, Nature's Way B-100 Complex costs $14.49, and at Whole Foods it's $19.99. At Vitacost.com I can often get it for $9.68 (52 percent savings). These dollars really add up over time.

Email Lists

I'm signed up for all these sellers' email lists, and they send information on specials and sales. There is always at least one company offering specials like free shipping, BOGO or a holiday special that saves $10 (or more).

Frequent Buyer

Some companies, like iHerb, offer VIP discounts to customers who purchase a certain dollar amount over a given time period. For example, I get an extra 10 percent off their already-discounted prices when my purchase total reaches $100.

Generic Brands

I've tried many of Swanson Health Products' generic "Swanson" brands with pleasing results.  These products tend to be substantially lower in price and offer identical ingredients as their name-brand counterparts. For example, Gaia brand organic spirulina tablets are $19.99 at Whole Foods. Swanson offers a comparable product at $6.99 (65 percent savings).

Coupon Codes

When I want to order from an online supplements seller but can’t find a  sale or promo, I hit the Internet. I search for the name of the seller, plus the words "coupon code" or "promo code" (without the quotation marks). By poking around a bit, I often find a coupon code that saves 10 percent or more off my total purchase.


At iHerb.com and Vitacost.com, I can add one free item to each order. Some of these are great deals, such as a small bottle of an herbal headache remedy or an educational heath book.

Stocking Up

I order as much as I can afford at one time online. I end up paying less (or nothing) for shipping.

Once I started buying nutritional supplements and other health products online, I never looked back.

 This has been a guest post by Judy from Fort Collins, CO
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