Depending on what kind of sweet it is, I may or may not be down with this program. Just try prying the Laffy Taffy (banana flavor only, please!), Skittles and York peppermint patties out of my cold, dead hands. But as for the rest—well, I'm as game as the next person to collect free bucks! With the Halloween Candy Buy Back Program, you earn cash and support our troops through the program's partnership with Operation Gratitude—what could possibly be better?

Operation Gratitude

Operation Gratitude is a nonprofit organization that supports our troops by sending care packages to soldiers who are deployed "in harm's way" and to Wounded Warriors who are recuperating in stateside care stations.

This nonprofit gives us each a way to say "thank you" to those who keep us safe every day.

The Halloween Candy Buy Back Program

The Halloween Candy Buy Back Program is supported and funded by dentists’ offices nationwide.

Impact on our troops:

  • As of 2013, more than 1 million care packages have been shipped through the partnership between the Program and Operation Gratitude!
  • To date, more than 130 tons of candy have been collected and shipped to the soldiers.

When you visit the website and type in your zip code, you can find participating dentist offices (when I did this, I found 12 offices within 15 miles of my zip code).

How to participate

You’ll be paid $1-$2 or given prizes (including toothbrushes, coupons from local retailers and other fun goodies) or both for each pound of candy you contribute to the program.

The form of “payment” is up to each participating dentist’s office, so be sure to call first and inquire if you would like a specific type of payment (such as cash) in exchange for your candy.

Participating dentists will collect the candy from you, give your child money or prizes, and ship the candy directly to Operation Gratitude.

You can participate in 3 easy steps:

  • Locate the closest participating dentist's office:
  • Bring in your candy and collect your payment.
  • If you wish, you and your child can also write a letter to the troops expressing your gratitude, and the dentist will include this in the shipment!


Make Money on Your Halloween Candy and Help Our Troops!