I have to admit that although I am very conscious of the amount of electricity I use in my house, I’ve never paid much attention to my water usage. I run the dishwasher nearly every day, take long showers and use the hose to water my flowers daily. However, as I’ve watched many cities, including my hometown in Texas, ask residents to conserve water and even put restrictions in place, I’ve started to really watch how much I’m using. Since then, I’ve noticed that I’m not only helping the community by using less, but my water bills have gone down significantly—win-win! Now I’m using every resource that I can find to ensure that I keep it that way, including these cool, water usage, iPhone apps:

Drip Detective

If you have a leaky faucet or a dripping shower and you’ve ever wondered how much money is dripping down the drain, try checking out Drip Detective! This free app, available on the iTunes Store, will calculate exactly how much water—and money–you’re wasting. To calculate the costs associated with your faulty faucet, you’ll simply tap the screen each time a drip falls. After a couple of taps, the app will calculate the average drip rate and show you just how much that drip is costing you by the day, week, month and year. You may be quite surprised to see that a small drip can add up to big bucks over the course of a year!

Water Usage Calculator

If you’ve ever wondered how much water you use compared to the average person, check out the Water Use Calculator from The National Ground Water Association. This free iPhone app allows users to see how many gallons of water is being used by answering a few simple questions. One of the cool features to this app is that it not only shows you how much you’re using, but it shows you where you’re using it. For example, you’ll see how many gallons you’re using from the dishwasher, toilet, shower, lawn and more. After checking out this app, I was floored to see that my family was using nearly 200 gallons more than the average family! The culprit? Those long, hot showers that I just can’t resist! However, since discovering how much those excessive showers were costing me, I’ve cut them down by a few minutes each day and started saving nearly 150 gallons each week!



Save Money and Water with These iPhone Water Conservation Apps