There are a LOT of streaming TV services out there right now, and most of them are offering free access to their shows and movies.

As of Monday, April 6, the newest kid on the block is Quibi, a mobile-only platform that delivers “quick bites” — episodes and installments no more than 10 minutes long — like Netflix and TikTok had a baby.

It’s got big-budget projects, top Hollywood talent, and one of the longest free trials we’ve seen.

What is Quibi? Here’s what you need to know:


The new Quibi service only works on your mobile device.

That is, iOS or Android devices. It’s an app, and only an app.

Don’t look to find Quibi on Roku, AppleTV, or Chromecast while you’re stuck at home in quarantine. They’re serious when they say it’s mobile only.

The 10-minutes-or-less episodes are perfect for breaks at work, long stints in the bathroom, sitting in waiting rooms, or lying in bed — those times you’re most likely to bust out your phone.

One of the cool features of Quibi is its portrait and landscape modes; shows are edited to work in both orientations. It’s fun to flip the phone around to see how the views change.


Quibi is 90 days free, then $4.99 or $7.99/mo.

Quibi says it’ll send a reminder before the 90 days is up, so you’re not caught by surprise.

Not only is three months one of the longest free trial periods out there, but it’s also the cheapest major streaming service we’ve seen at $4.99/mo for Quibi with commercials. There’s also a $7.99/mo ad-free subscription.

Tip: If you’re planning to have Quibi only during the 90-day trial, sign up for the ad-free version for the best experience.


Quibi burst out of the gate with 50 original shows.

Via NYPost

And despite their brief nature, the shows are highly-produced dramas, comedies, reality shows, and even news — starring big names like Reese Witherspoon, Liam Hemsworth, Chance the Rapper, and more.

A personal favorite is Dishmantled, which has blindfolded chefs trying to figure out which meal exploded all over them — and then recreate it.

By the end of 2020, Quibi is looking to spend more than $1 billion to create more than 8,500 episodes for more than 175 original shows.


Shows are either movies in chapters, reality shows/documentaries, or ‘daily essentials.’

Everything on Quibi fits into these three categories. Here are some of the stand-out programs from each category:

Movies in chapters

  • Survive, starring Sophie Turner and Corey Hawkins
  • Most Dangerous Game, starring Liam Hemsworth and Christoph Waltz
  • When the Streetlights Go On, starring Queen Latifah and Chosen Jacobs
  • Flipped, starring Will Forte and Kaitlin Olson

Unscripted reality content/short-form documentaries

  • Punk’d, hosted by Chance the Rapper
  • Thanks A Million, produced by Jennifer Lopez
  • Chrissy’s Court, starring Chrissy Teigen
  • Murder Flip House, about renovating homes that experienced crimes

Daily essentials

  • Around the World by BBC News
  • The Report by NBC News
  • Close Up by E! News
  • Fresh Daily by Rotten Tomatoes
  • No Filter by TMZ


T-Mobile unlimited family plan subscribers get Quibi free for a year.

T-Mobile has given its customers Netflix free for a year, and they’re doing the same kind of thing with Quibi. Customers with two or more voice lines at standard rates and small business customers with up to 12 lines can get a free year of Quibi added to their plans.

After the 12-month period, customers can choose whether to start paying for the service — just like what Verizon has done with Disney+.




What Is Quibi? Here's Info on the Cheapest Streaming Service