If you’re like me, Birkenstock sandals are a year-round necessity. And that means buying new Birkenstocks every so often.

Man, they can be expensive, though — unless you know where to shop (and where not to shop)!

Whether you’re looking for Birkenstock deals on sandals, shoes, or clogs, you don’t have to pay the crazy-high retail prices.


1. First things first: All the current Birkenstock deals live on KCL.

At KCL, we’re constantly looking for Birkenstock deals, discounts, and promos. These sales are changing all the time, but we do all the hard work so you can find the best current prices in one place.

You’ll also want to download the KCL app for even faster access to these deals. You can set up notifications to alert you when we find new Birkenstock sales.

Here’s a deal we recently posted:

EXPIRED OCT 22, 2021

2. Most Birkenstocks retail for $100 – $150, depending on style & materials.

Birkenstock prices vary based on the model and materials used. Each model has a variety of different styles of footbeds, upper materials, colors, and linings.

Birkenstock prices vary based on the materials they’re made with. Here are some of the most popular materials, ranked from cheapest to most expensive:

  • EVA: High quality, very light, elastic material with very good cushioning (like Crocs)
  • Birko-flor: A synthetic PVC upper lined with soft fleece
  • Birkibuc: Like Birko-flor, but specifically made to look like Nubuck leather
  • Oiled Leather: Natural leather that has been oiled to create a unique color and visual texture
  • Nubuck Leather: top-grain leather that is naturally thick and has a soft, brushed outer surface


3. Birkenstock prices vary based on the type of shoe, as well.

Here’s a quick rundown of the five most popular sandal models available, ranked from cheapest MSRP to most expensive:

  • Arizona ($44.95 – $180.00): The Arizona is the iconic 2-strap Birkenstock sandal, by far their most popular. It comes in 182 different styles, which is why the prices vary so much.
  • Mayari ($99.95 – $110.00): The Mayari is a multi-strap sandal with a toe loop that comes in 37 different styles.
  • Gizeh ($44.95 – $135.00): The Gizeh is a flip-flop/thong that comes in 60 different styles.
  • Madrid ($79.95 – $135.00): The Madrid is a single strap sandal that has 28 styles to choose from.
  • Boston ($115.00 – $180.00): The classic open-heeled, close-toed Boston clog comes in 38 different styles.


4. The newest Birkenstocks cost the same almost everywhere.

Birkenstock requires authorized retailers to have a minimum advertised price that matches theirs on their newest products. (Last we checked, there were nearly 750 Birks on the list.)

That means new Birkenstock prices are nearly identical wherever you look — that includes Nordstrom Rack, Zappos, and DSW.

Birkenstock retailers are allowed to include the shoes in their store-wide discounts — like 25% off everything — but that’s pretty rare. But there is ONE place you want to keep tabs on. . .


5. But Costco somehow offers 40% discounts on the newest Birkenstocks.

We’ve seen Costco occasionally sell Birks one model at a time, both in stores and online.

They’ve been selling Mayari and Gizeh sandals for $59.99 — that’s 40% off what everybody else sells them for.

While these ARE legit Birkenstocks, Costco isn’t an authorized reseller, so they can dodge the pricing requirements. Don’t ask us how they got those Birkenstocks; we have no idea.

Similarly, another unauthorized reseller, Walmart.com, sells just one shoe — the black Birko-flor Gizeh for $66.81 (36% off).



6. Check Proozy flash sales to save up to 76% on Birkenstock.

Proozy is like an online outlet store that has fast-paced “flash sales.” While they have fewer varieties of Birkenstock sandals than other sites, their maximum savings are the highest we’ve seen. And they do have a decent selection of Birkenstock boots, kids’ shoes, and accessories.

By nature, flash-sales change frequently and inventory goes quickly, so you’ll want to check back regularly.

Be wary of their advertised MSRP; it may be a smidge inflated. Compared to actual retail prices, you’ll typically save around 30% — but we’ve seen flash sales with as much as 76% off, so that’s why we say to check Proozy first.

Here are some deals we’ve seen in the past:

  • San Diego in multiple colors: $50.99 ($210 MSRP), 76% off
  • Yao in Neon Birkoflor: $49.99 ($110.00 MSRP), 55% off
  • Florida in Pale Yellow Birkoflor: $65.99 ($130.00 MSRP), 49% off
  • Arizona in Burgundy Suede: $98.99 ($125.00 MSRP), 21% off

KCL readers almost always get free shipping with no minimum (so keep tabs on our Proozy deals page). Otherwise, you get free standard shipping on orders over $100.


7. Zappos is your best bet for buying Birkenstocks; you’ll easily save 30% anytime.

Amazon-owned Zappos.com has the largest selection of discontinued styles, and you don’t have to wait around for a flash sale. (The minimum advertised price policy doesn’t apply to discontinued models and colors.) Expect savings of around 30%, on average.

They’re consistently offering sales of 20-40% off the most popular Birkenstock types — Arizona, Mayari, Gizeh and Madrid.

The largest discount we’ve found on Zappos is 43% off. This is a great choice if you want more classic Birkenstock styles and don’t want to wait for flash sales. You’ll also get free shipping, no matter the size of your order, and free returns.

Here are some deals we’ve found:

Nordstrom Rack and DSW also carry some discontinued styles, but they’re rare.


8. Save as much as 60% at Rue La La and Gilt.

Rue La La and Gilt are sister companies that have pretty much the same inventory and prices.

They have more than 40 kinds of discontinued Birkenstock styles on sale, and like Proozy, they hold flash sales. Sizes and colors are extremely limited and change often.

For both sites, you’ll save an average of 30%, although during some especially good flash sales, we’ve seen savings up to 60%. Once you pay $9.99 shipping on your first order, you get free shipping for the next 30 days.

Here are some deals we’ve seen:

KCL Exclusive: Get 10% off for your first order within 7 days of joining Gilt. Same goes for Rue La La, but you also get free shipping!


9. Birks’ Boston Clogs don’t go on sale, but you can create your own discount at DSW.

We are all about saving money at DSW. Join DSW Rewards to earn $5 in rewards for every $100 spent, and get $10 in rewards when you donate four pairs of shoes (but you can only donate one pair per week).

Stack those rewards to reduce the price of any shoes at DSW, including the never-on-sale Birkenstock Boston Clogs. If you apply $10 of rewards to that $144.99 pair of clogs, you’ll get 6.5% off — plus free shipping.

Sadly, your new member DSW $10 MyPERK can’t be used for Birkenstock purchases, and none of the mailed/emailed coupons, promo-codes, and site-wide sales apply, either.


10. Keep an eye out for discounted gift cards.

Get discounted gift cards from Raise.com for the store you want to buy Birkenstocks from — like DSW and Macy’s.

Generally the discounts are around 4 – 6%. Raise will also give you an extra 10% off your first gift card purchase, so you could get up to 17% off! Just use the coupon code FIRST at checkout.



11. Like unicorns, Birkenstock Black Friday sales don’t exist.

Unfortunately, Birkenstock never has a Black Friday sale on their site, which means other authorized retailers won’t, either (remember that pesky minimum price policy?).

Your best bet is to keep an eye on flash-sale sites to see if discontinued styles get even cheaper, though we didn’t see anything Birkenstock specific last year.


12. Don’t buy Birkenstocks on Amazon — but you could find some GREAT dupes.

Birkenstock stopped selling their shoes on Amazon due to the rising number of counterfeits and unauthorized sellers.

And while there ARE legit Birks for sale from third-party sellers on the site, shoppers have been scammed by fakes.

There are also a lot of convincing knockoffs (aka dupes). Our search of Birkenstocks on Amazon revealed some 4-star-rated look-alikes from ONCAI that even shared the Arizona style name.


13. Get 10% back on your Birkenstock purchase as an REI member.

If you’re an REI loyalist, you’ll get a 10% dividend on your Birkenstock purchase — that’s 10% back in cash at the end of the year.

This doesn’t change the price up front, but it could get you up to $22 back at the end of the year — so you can. . . buy more Birkenstocks?


14. You can buy used Birkenstocks for a fraction of retail price — but there are drawbacks.

Yeah, used Birks are a thing. . . but the reason Birkenstock sandals are so dang popular is that the footbeds mold to the unique shape of your foot over time. Getting a used pair means getting sandals that might be molded to someone else’s foot.

A quick search of eBay, Facebook Marketplace, and Craiglist showed countless used Birks for sale, with savings between 20% and more than 80% off the price of getting them new.

That’s great, but if you need to have the sandals re-soled or replace the footbed, that could cost up to $87 — eating up all the cost savings.

Of course, you could always search eBay for NEW Birks, too. We found a bunch of new sandals discounted 20-70%.



15. Typically, you have 30 days to return Birkenstocks to the place you bought them.

If you buy your shoes from Birkenstock.com — not at a store or authorized retailer — you have 30 days to return the product in its original condition and packaging. Returns are free. You can’t return Birks purchased elsewhere to Birkenstock.

Zappos has the most generous return policy; returns are free and you have 365 days to return your purchase. However, your shoes must be unworn and with all the original tags and packaging.

Rue La La and Gilt have the same return policy: You have 30 days to return your Birkenstocks. They must be in their original condition, with all the original packaging and tags attached. If you choose to get merchandise credit, you’ll get free return shipping. Otherwise, you’ll pay $9.99 for a return shipping fee.


16. Instead of replacing Birkenstocks, get them re-soled for as little as $30.

Although Birkenstock doesn’t have any kind of warranty on their shoes, they do offer repairs and replacement soles — both in stores and online.

It’ll cost you, though. I’ve had them replace the footbeds in two pairs of my Mayari sandals. Repairs can cost you anywhere from $30.00 to $87.00, so get an estimate before you hand off your shoes.

16 Ways to Get Birkenstocks on Sale