Gamers (and parents of gamers, too) it’s time to rejoice! Microsoft has announced that the Xbox Series X will be available for purchase November 10 with a price tag of $499, right in time for the holidays.

The Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S will be available for pre-order on September 22. You can order your Xbox via Amazon or Microsoft once pre-sales are live.

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The Xbox Series X is the most powerful Xbox yet.

The newest console is an updated version of the Xbox One and the most powerful Xbox to date. The Xbox Series X is faster, has clearer visuals, more storage, and remarkably enhanced capabilities compared with its predecessor. Despite not having the much anticipated Halo Infinite — because the game’s release has been delayed until 2021 — the Xbox Series X will include instant access to a library full of hundreds of popular games, including Madden NFL 21, Grand Theft Auto 5 and 6, Fortnite, and FIFA 21.


There’s a smaller, cheaper version known as the Xbox Series S.

On a budget? A smaller and less powerful conversion of the console, the Xbox Series S, will also be unveiled November 10 with a price tag of just $299 (a full $200 cheaper than the X series).


And there are monthly payment options!

There’s even more good news: Both versions of the new Xbox can be paid off in monthly installments over a two-year period. The Series X would be $34.99/month while the Series S would be $24.99/month. And don’t forget that Black Friday may see some good deals on the new Xboxes.



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The New Xbox Series X Is Coming in Time for the Holidays!