Brown sugar is one of my favorite additives for recipes like baked beans, baked sweet potatoes and yummy desserts. However, it’s not an ingredient I use daily, so it may just sit on the shelf for several weeks until I use it. Finding a clumped up brick of brown sugar instead of soft, usable brown sugar is never pleasant. It’s hard to measure and it doesn’t mix well. The reason why brown sugar starts to clump after being opened is because it’s coated with molasses. Once the molasses is exposed to air, it starts to evaporate and leaves remaining sugar dehydrated. I have the perfect solution and it doesn’t involve wasting money by throwing away sugar! Enter the orange peel!


  1. The next time you use an orange, keep the peel (3-inch sections work best).
  2. Place orange peels in an already opened bag of brown sugar.
  3. Allow 24 hours for the peels to work their magic. (Don’t worry; taste won’t be affected!)
  4. Enjoy long-lasting soft brown sugar and just replace peels when they begin to dry out!



An Easy Way to Save Your Brown Sugar from Clumping!