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How to Shop Smart for Bombas Socks in the Face of Sticker Shock

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If you’ve heard of Bombas socks before, you probably remember two things: The company donates a pair of socks for every pair they sell, and these socks are pretty expensive. The cheapest single pair of adult Bombas socks is $13. Performance ankle socks (either men’s or women’s) cost at least $22. Knee-high compression socks will run you $36 for a single pair. Yet people (including myself) rave over this brand so, are Bombas socks worth it? 

Bombas loyalists will answer with a resounding yes. But if you’re someone who typically scoops up a six-pack of socks for $6 (so $1 a pair), you’re probably giving this brand some side eye, even if you are admittedly Bombas-curious. 

Here's how you can save on Bombas (there are ways!), the company’s 100% Happiness Guarantee (which is shockingly comprehensive), and why these puppies cost as much as they do. 

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It bears repeating that the cheapest pair of adult Bombas socks you can find are $13 each (the more basic design of the ankle and no show socks). To knock that price down, here’s how you do it. 

Buy in bundles to save up to 15%.

Bombas embraces the "buy more, save more" philosophy by offering their socks in bundles from 3-packs up to 12-packs. Now not every bundle gets a discount, but many do. If it's eligible for a bundle discount it will say so next to the product listing on the Bombas website.

If you're freaked out by the idea of buying a bundle of something while still trying to figure out are Bombas socks worth it, I'll get to their 100% Happiness Guarantee in just a minute. It's kind of like your sock insurance.

Use a promo code to get at least 20% off a purchase, stackable on top of the bundle discounts.

Right now we have an exclusive code KCL20, which knocks 20% off first-time purchases. That means even if you just apply our code to a bundle with a 5% discount, you're getting roughly 25% off each pair of socks in that bundle. So a Women's Solids Ankle Sock 4-Pack drops from $52 to $39.52, or $9.88 per pair.

Refer a friend (or anyone, really) to Bombas — they'll get 25% off and you'll get $20 when they make a purchase.

Sharing is caring and the Bombas Referral Program is another way to save on the brand. When you refer a friend, they'll get 25% off their Bombas purchase and, once that order has been made, you'll get $20 to use on your next Bombas spend.

Does Bombas offer free shipping?


If you're anything like me, after you've figured out how to chip away at regular price, you want to know whether you'll have to pony up for shipping. Bombas offers free shipping on $50+ orders.

If you don't hit that $50 free shipping threshold, you're looking at a flat fee of $5.95 for standard shipping.

Are Bombas socks worth it?


If you’re on your feet a lot, a runner, experience sensory processing discomforts, or just enjoy the hug of a well-fitting sock, then yes. As a parent who has spent many a morning trying to help a child with sensory issues find a pair of socks that he can tolerate, Bombas are a game-changer. Their socks don’t have the toe seams that can be so frustrating and uncomfortable.

Bombas has a 100% Happiness Guarantee that even covers the inevitable — losing a sock in the laundry — to make you feel better about the investment.


If you're going to charge $13 for a pair of socks, you better have the cajones to back it up with a solid return policy. And Bombas does. The Bombas 100% Happiness Guarantee says that if your socks don't fit, the dog chews up your socks, a Bombas t-shirt gets a hole (yep, they sell tees, too), or you lose a sock in the laundry, they'll help you with an exchange, refund, or replacement.

Keep in mind, they're not suckers, either. Any misuse of the 100% Happiness Guarantee can mean you're not guaranteed a darn thing (reading between the lines: don't be a jerk).

How many times will Bombas replace socks?

According to the Bombas Happiness Guarantee, you can always request replacement socks. They'll either issue a gift card or send a replacement pair (with free shipping). So save that order receipt.

Here's what you need to make an exchange or return at Bombas.

First of all, know that returns and exchanges to Bombas are free. So that's a relief. If you are returning or exchanging a purchase you made, here's how it will go.

  1. Click on the form link to start a Bombas return or exchange.

  2. Provide the order number you received in the email with your order confirmation, then include either your shipping zip code or the email address you used to place the order.

  3. This will bring you to the order in question and you'll be asked to choose which of the items from that order you'd like to return or replace.

  4. The next screen will ask you to choose a reason for making the return or exchange.

  5. Following that, Bombas will ask which color item you'd like to exchange it for, or whether you want to simply return for a refund.

Why is Bombas so expensive?


Not to harp on dollar signs, but part of what makes Bombas so expensive is their very specific design. This isn't a cookie cutter sock pattern, which is something to consider when you're deciding are Bombas socks worth it. Between the socks being totally seamless (no aggravating toe seams), the honeycomb-style arch support, and durable materials, it all adds up. And for Bombas fans, that's worth the price.

It's also important to note that you're essentially paying for the donation socks when you purchase a pair of Bombas (remember, they give a pair when you buy a pair).

How long do Bombas socks last?


There isn't a universal expiration date on Bombas socks. However, based on my own household, they typically last at least two years, if not a little longer. As long as you aren't running in only socks on cement (which is a horrible idea, by the way), I haven't seen holes form in our Bombas socks until they've enjoyed a lengthy, active life.

A Women's Week of Bombas Ankle Sock 7-Pack (reg. $91) becomes roughly $75.63 (incl. taxes) after taking off the 5% bundle discount and 20% off KCL20 discount. If you wear those socks for two years (730 days), that breaks down to $0.10 a wear. Even if you only wear them for one year (365 days), it's $0.20 a wear. Puts the cost into perspective, am I right?

Do Bombas run big or small?


Bombas run true to size, so you typically don't have to worry about them running big or small. Even their Youth sizing, which covers ages 5 - 11, fits that range surprisingly well (I have both a 5-year-old and an 11-year-old, so I run the gamut in my house). Of course if it turns out they don't fit, there's always that 100% Happiness Guarantee to exchange for a different size or get a refund if you choose to do a straight return.

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