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Costco is known for its low prices on everything, right? Well, one more place you can get some serious deals at Costco is at CostcoPhotoCenter.com. Recently, Costco moved their entire Photo Center online, closing down the in-store department. You can still get photos printed and shipped directly to your home.

But, you need a Costco membership to use their CostcoPhotoCenter.com.

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1. Costco Photo Centers are closing, but you can still order through CostcoPhotoCenter.com.

RIP one-hour Costco photo pickup.

Despite this change, you can order any kind of print at CostcoPhotoCenter.com once you’re signed in to your Photo Center Account.

Place your order for delivery (which takes five to seven days but is free).

TIP: Be sure to have your membership and Photo Center Account numbers handy if any issues arise during your ordering or pickup process.


2. Prices are the same as they were before the photo department closed.

Photos from a Costco photo center online order.

With physical Costco Photo Centers closing down, I thought maybe shipping would cost more, or perhaps the wholesaler would increase the price per print to make up for shipping fees. I compared prices on prints, greeting cards, and photo books below and I found prices are the same as they were pre Costco Photo Center shutdown. Small favors!


3. Less than 200 photos? Order from CostcoPhotoCenter.com.

Photos and a costco.com photo center envelope held in a persons hands

Everyone loves a hot promo code or coupon, but when it comes to ordering from Costco.com, you’ll find Costco promo codes are rarer than Bigfoot.

price comparison of photo prints from all major drugstores, shutterfly and costco

Costco consistently comes out ahead of CVS, Walgreens, and Shutterfly, and while Walmart trails closely, Costco is still cheaper, if you stick to the less than 200 photo rule.

For Costco members, it’s cheapest to buy prints in smaller batches at CostcoPhotoCenter.com because shipping is free. If you’re printing more than 200 photos and you want them shipped, Costco beats Walmart up to that 200 photo mark. But after 200 prints, the lower price per print at Walmart (even when you’re paying shipping!) beats out Costco’s price.



4. Costco greeting and holiday everyday card prices beat everyone.

A person holding a book of Costco photo Christmas card examples.

Costco offers two types of card options: Premium folded stationery and 5×7 Photo cards. Like with other photo printing services, you can personalize your cards with text and design, including editing details like square or rounded corners, and order envelopes pre-printed with return and recipient addresses.

photo greeting card cost comparison chart

At Costco, you also get free return address labels for every card you order (so convenient!).

(Keep in mind that throughout the holidays all of these retailers will be offering deals on holiday cards, so you might be able to use a promo code and get a better deal. These are just everyday prices.)



5. Get two bigger softcover Costco photo books for about the price of one anywhere else.

Costco photo book

You can get two 8×8 softcover photo books at Costco for $19.99, whereas at Shutterfly.com, you can get a single 8×8 photo book for $19.98. Costco photo books also start at a whopping 30 pages, compared to 20 pages everywhere else. This comes out to $0.66 per page, compared to Shutterfly at $0.90 per page.

photo book cost comparison chart


6. Get a Costco photo blanket for about $10 cheaper than at Walmart.

a person holding a Costco blanket

Even though CVS, Shutterfly.com, and Walmart offer coupons and rollbacks to help you save more, they can’t beat the photo blanket price at Costco.

chart comparing photo blanket prices across retailers



How Costco’s Photo Center Works:


7. Sign up for a Costco Photo Center account.

Costco photo center login

Before you can order any prints, you’ll need to sign up for a Photo Center account — this is separate from your Costco.com account, but you’ll need your membership number handy. From the photo center website, you can upload your photos to your account and get straight to printing, or you can save them there for later.

Here are the options for photo printing at Costco.com:

  • Traditional Photo Prints — enlargements, poster prints, collage prints, regular 4×6 prints, etc.
  • Photo Books — 30-page books with the options of a softcover, hardcover or their premium “Layflat” style
  • Greeting Cards — premium stationery and photo postcards
  • Wall Decor — canvas, metal and acrylic prints in normal or collage styles
  • Business Printing — brochures, banners, business cards, flyers, letterheads
  • Photo Gifts — mugs, calendars, blankets, ornaments, photo plaques



8. Download the Costco app and upload images for your Costco photo album.

A woman holding a cell phone out, with the Costco photo center app on it

Rather than air dropping images from your phone to your laptop in order to use the Costco Photo Center website, you can download the Costco app and upload your photos directly from your phone to your Photo Center account.


9. Go ahead and return your photos to any Costco warehouse.

Return merchandise counter at Costco

It’s true, you can even return personalized gifts like that blanket you printed with your ex-partner’s face on it. Costco’s return policy applies here, and just like anything you buy from Costco.com, you can return it in the warehouse.


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