Let’s be honest — nobody believes Red Lobster is an affordable family restaurant!

And it’s never going to be as cheap as a meal at Applebee’s or Buffalo Wild Wings. But there are ways to save money the next time you eat at Red Lobster.


1. Join Fresh Catch News and get a free appetizer or dessert for signing up.

Fresh Catch News is Red Lobster’s email newsletter, and when you join you’ll get a free appetizer or dessert when you buy two adult dinners.

Your coupon will arrive in your inbox instantly, and it’s good for up to two weeks.


2. Get $5 off, 10% off, or a free appetizer or dessert on your birthday.

Birthday offers vary, but if you join Fresh Catch News at least seven days before your birthday, you’ll get some type of coupon or freebie in your inbox!


3. Download the My Red Lobster Rewards app to earn points toward free food.

So there’s Fresh Catch News where you’ll receive a freebie for signing up and a birthday treat, and then there’s My Red Lobster Rewards, which is an app.

Through the app you can earn one point per $1.00 you spend at Red Lobster. You’ll get 75 bonus points just for joining and then when you reach 125 points, you can choose between two appetizers or a free piece of chocolate cake.


4. Use LOBSTER79 to get 10% off your first To Go order.

Just enter a promo code at checkout.

Or if it’s a Tuesday, you can get 15% off your online order. Use promo code: TUESDAY.



5. The Cheddar Bay Biscuits have a Facebook page with over 1 million followers.

They’re that good.


6. Savings on early dinner deals are disappointing, except for Endless Shrimp Mondays.

Red Lobster offers “5 Days, 5 Deals” from Monday-Friday. Each meal is $15.00 from 11 a.m. – 6 p.m.

But the truth is that overall savings are disappointing. The exceptions are Endless Shrimp Monday, which isn’t offered at all during other days or times, and Admiral’s Feast Tuesdays, because you’ll save almost $4, which for Red Lobster is noteworthy.


  • Monday: Endless Shrimp (only available on Mondays)
  • Tuesday: Admiral’s Feast (reg. $19.99) — Fried shrimp, bay scallops, clam strips and fish.
  • Wednesday & Thursday: 4-Course Feast (reg. $16.99) — Soup or salad, your favorite entrée and dessert.
  • Friday: Parrot Isle Jumbo Coconut Shrimp Friday ($15.79) — Jumbo coconut shrimp.



7. Grilled, coconut and popcorn shrimp aren’t on the Endless Shrimp menu, but order them anyway.

Shrimp scampi is great, but you can have literally any type of shrimp if you order Endless Shrimp on Mondays — just ask!


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8. On a diet? Skip the biscuits and order Shrimp Cocktail for only 130 calories!

Assuming you can skip the biscuits — I can’t.


9. Best time of year to eat at Red Lobster is in February during Lobsterfest.

Not necessarily because lobster is cheaper, because it isn’t, but because there are tons of lobster dishes that aren’t available the rest of the year.

Choose from dishes like Lobster Lover’s Dream (two lobster tails and shrimp fettuccine) and Lobster in Paradise (coconut lobster tail and Caribbean-inspired shrimp).


10. Get $3 beer and $4 wine during Happy Hour.

Every weekday from open until 6 p.m., take advantage of $3 draft beers, $4 house wines and $5 premium well drinks. Plus grab $5 appetizers.


11. Ask for extra Cheddar Bay Biscuits — they’re bottomless.

Think of them like Olive Garden’s breadsticks’ classier cousin from the East Coast.



12. Plan to pay for your kids to eat at Red Lobster — kids don’t eat free.

One of the best ways to save money eating out is to eat at restaurants when kids eat free. Unfortunately, that doesn’t exist at Red Lobster currently.

But you could go on a Monday and order endless shrimp and pay just $15. The more kids you have, the better your value will be.


13. Make your own Cheddar Bay Biscuits at home.

Sure, you could buy the mix at the grocery store, but why not just whip them up in your own kitchen? The only ingredients you may not have on hand are buttermilk and powdered milk. Otherwise, it’s probably all in your pantry and refrigerator. Get the recipe here.


14. Ask the cook to use olive oil instead of butter to cook your seafood to cut calories.

So you can eat more lobster and Cheddar Bay Biscuits, clearly.


15. Pay with a discounted gift card to get 15% off your meal.

Every little discount helps, and you can use a discounted gift card on top of coupons and discounts because it’s a form of payment, not a coupon itself.

Arm yourself with a Red Lobster discounted gift card from Gift Card Granny before you go to the restaurant, and save up to 15%.


16. Best value is lunch (11 a.m. – 3 p.m.) where you can get a meal for $7.99.

Order a meal like Southwest-style Tacos for a third of the price of a dinner item. If you want lobster instead of chicken on your taco, you’ll pay $12.99, which is still a great buy.


17. Red Lobster’s logo has a name — Clawde.

It’s true, he has a name.

Another fun fact: Red Lobster doesn’t boil live lobsters. Chefs are trained to kill live lobsters humanely and instantly so while lobsters are still as fresh as possible, they don’t suffer.


18. You can’t use a Darden gift card at Red Lobster as of 2014.

In 2014, Red Lobster was acquired by Golden Gate Capital from Darden. While Golden Gate Capital grandfathered in old Darden gift card for a while, they no longer accept them.


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