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Listen Up, Etsy Fans! We Found Ways to Save Money Before You Shop!

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Never heard of Etsy? Etsy is an online platform where makers, creatives, and vintage resellers alike can sell their wares. Etsy isn’t typically where you shop if you’re looking to save money, but it’s perfect if you want something unique and handmade. Savings are savings and if they exist, I’ll find them for you!

Read on for Etsy money-saving hacks and smart shopping tips.

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1. Favorite and put items in your cart to unlock Etsy coupon codes.

Etsy page showing a coupon sent by the seller

Etsy gives sellers the option to send promo codes directly to customers in their Etsy message box who have favorited their items, or who have put an item in their cart but haven’t checked out.

While it’s not guaranteed to work 100% of the time, it’s worth giving this strategy a shot. It’s a great way to get the shop owner’s attention without directly asking them to reduce their prices, which can be perceived as rude.


2. Search Etsy for bulk discounts.

etsy website search for crystals bulk discount

Need lots of one particular item? Using Etsy’s search function, type in “(your item)” + “bulk discount.” This will turn up shops that offer bulk discounts on whatever you’re looking for, whether it’s crystals or cupcake toppers.


3. Subscribe to your favorite Etsy sellers’ mailing lists for promo codes.

etsy newsletter

If you find yourself favoriting everything in one particular Etsy shop, reach out to the owner to get onto their mailing list. Often, Etsy sellers will include promo codes in these newsletters, and alert you to any sales.


4. You can find Etsy coupon codes on social media, too.

You’ll also want to follow your favorite sellers on social media, as Etsy coupon codes are often shared here, too.


5. Remember that “On sale” at Etsy doesn’t always mean “cheapest.”

Etsy has some great search filters, including one that allows you to see products that are “On sale.” This is a decent method to find discounts, but that doesn’t mean it always leads to the lowest price.

For example, this cute sweater is on sale for 20% off listing price with Mayraapaez, plus an $8 shipping charge. However, you can find the same exact sweater for $1.47 less with Esty seller Allmadetoyou, who does not charge for shipping.

Even though Allmadetoyou doesn’t have the sweater “On sale,” the sweater is considerably cheaper because of the lower list price and free shipping offer.



6. Filter items in your search for free shipping on Etsy.

Etsy makes it really easy to find items with free shipping. You simply use the search filter and click, “FREE Shipping.”

Be aware that some sellers inflate their prices to offset the free shipping offer. Just because you don’t need to pay for shipping doesn’t mean they don’t.

However, sometimes you can still find really affordable, beautiful creations with free shipping, like these gold zodiac constellation necklaces from Etsy seller BABEINA starting at $20.40.


7. Save on shipping by ordering multiple items from one Etsy shop.

Some shops will offer you discounted shipping if you’re ordering multiple items at a time. For this strategy to work, all your items need to come from the same Etsy shop. You can find these policies listed in the store description.

It’s appropriate to reach out to the seller before ordering. Most will offer you a lower shipping price, as they can consolidate your entire order into one box, which saves them money.


8. Cut down on shipping costs with Etsy local shops.

Another way you can potentially cut down on shipping costs is by searching for local Etsy shops. You can do this using the standard search filters.

Once you find a local Etsy shop, you could reach out to the seller, let them know you’re local, and see if they can adjust their shipping fees accordingly. You might even find out that the business has an in-person location, which could eliminate your need to pay for shipping altogether.


9. Visit the Etsy shop’s homepage to check for sales before checking out.

When you find an item via Etsy search, you won’t necessarily see the shop’s home page, unless you click on the shop name link at the top of the listing. Why would you do this?

Because if there’s a shop-wide sale, you’d only see this on the shop’s home page.


10. Know that not all shops accept Etsy gift cards.

etsy page to buy gift cards

Some shops do not accept Etsy gift cards. This information should be listed at the bottom of the shop’s main page if it is not listed in the product description.



11. Review each Etsy store’s return policy.

Etsy returns policy

Each Etsy shop sets their own return policy. You may find more shops than you’d expect that do not offer a refund or return option. However, most shop owners will work with you in some way if you’re not 100% satisfied with your product.

You’ll want to know this policy up front so you’re sure the purchase matches your personal risk tolerance levels. For what it’s worth, I’ve been shopping on Etsy for years and only ever had one negative experience. When I reached out to the shop owner, she went above and beyond to make things right, even though she didn’t technically do refunds.


12. Read those reviews thoroughly.

Etsy page showing reviews

While Etsy does provide a way for you to file concerns over bad purchases through the Etsy Case System, it stops short of assuming liability for any fraud you encounter on their platform.

For that reason, it’s important to read the shop’s reviews and not just the reviews for the one particular product you want to buy. This should give you an idea of what problems people frequently encounter with the seller, if there are any problems at all. Then you can decide if the reviews inspire enough confidence to actually make the purchase.


13. Check your package for coupons.

painting on the wall and someone holding up a card and stickers in front of it

Once you receive your order, be sure to thoroughly comb through all the packaging materials! Etsy sellers will often include a business card and many times even a coupon for your next purchase. I’ve even received free sample products in the package from some Etsy sellers.

You wouldn’t want to throw out that savings or the free stuff.


14. Keep an eye on your Etsy message box after your purchase.

etsy website showing a pop up that says say thanks with a post-purchase coupon

Etsy gives its sellers the option to send loyal customers promo codes to encourage another purchase. That means that in the weeks after your purchase, you may get a coupon delivered straight to your Etsy message inbox.


Have Etsy savings hacks of your own? Leave them in the comments!


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