Buying a new home, revamping your rather boring space, planning a wedding or just downright love shopping at Hobby Lobby?

If you answered yes — you have to check out our top 5 ways to shop smarter at Hobby Lobby like, today.


1. Don’t miss the twice-a-year Home Accents clearance sale.

Twice a year — after Christmas and early summer — Hobby Lobby discounts their Home Accents department. Discounts start at 50%-66% off and go up from there.


2. Shop the sale schedule.

Do you notice how sometimes mirrors are 50% off and sometimes they aren’t?

Well, we found the method behind the madness. Memorize the Hobby Lobby sales schedule so you know exactly when to buy at the lowest price. You’re welcome.


3. Never pay full price for anything — use coupons instead.

Too impatient to wait for a 50% off sale? Use a 40% off coupon instead. There are a few items you can’t use your coupon on, including Cricut products and gift cards, but most items are eligible. Here’s what you should know:

  • You can always find a 40% off coupon in the Hobby Lobby weekly ad or in the top right corner of Hobby Lobby’s website.
  • Limit one coupon per person per day (bring your kids or BFF to use coupons on your behalf).
  • Use the coupon online and in-store.
  • Coupons expire at the end of each week, so make sure you have the current one when you check out.
  • Use the coupon at competitor stores, but not vice versa.

Print the coupon out or access it online, and have the cashier scan the barcode right off your phone!


4. Stock up on after-holiday clearance when it hits 90% off.

Basically, you should always be shopping holiday clearance to stock up for next year’s holidays.

Seasonal merchandise includes Christmas, Fall, Easter, Spring and Summer. Items go on sale at 40% off not long after they hit the store and stay at 40% off until it gets closer to the holiday or season. Then, it’ll hit 50% off. After the holiday passes, items go on sale for 66% off, 80% off and then 90% off. Score!

Muster up all your self control and wait for the 90% off sale, but know the items may be picked over pretty heavily.


5. Use a 40% off coupon instead of a sale price.

You can’t combine a coupon with a sale (bummer), but you can use a coupon instead of a sale price. I use this strategy when there’s an item I need and it’s less than 40% off.

But first, a word of caution: This tip may not work at every location. There’s no harm in asking though, because if it works — you save that extra 10%… #worthit.


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Top 5 Ways to Shop Smarter at Hobby Lobby