Most folks love Subway for the limitless sandwich options on their menu. From Subway’s Sub of the Day to your own mix and match combos, it’s no wonder we love all the ways you can get what you want while still eating fresh, healthy food on the go.

We rounded up the best hacks for customizing your Subway sandwiches so you can save money and still get all that baked bread and low-calorie goodness.

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1. Sign up for Subway MyWay rewards and get free delivery on your first order.

Subway’s got a new rewards program that lets you earn 4 Subway “tokens” for every $1 you spend. Once you’ve earned 200 tokens, you can get a $2 reward. The best part? You can stack your $2 rewards — up to $100 off at once!

You also get rewards and members-only offers — we got a free 6-inch sub with a purchase of a 30 oz. drink.


2. Take the receipt survey and get a free cookie or drink.

Hold on to your Subway receipt; there’s a survey code on it. Complete their 1-minute survey within 5 days of purchase, and you’ll get a coupon for a free cookie or drink.


3. Split a Footlong sub between two people to save 27%.

Whenever I’m eating Subway with someone else, we decide on a Footlong sub to split. My friend customizes her half with her choice of toppings, while I customize my half with mine.

We both get what we want for 27% less! For example, a 6-inch Cold Cut Combo is $5.29, while a Footlong is $7.69. So instead of paying a total of $10.58, we just pay $7.69.


4. Get the Sub of the Day and save up to 25%.

Subway’s Sub of the Day is the best way to get a 6-inch sub for $3.50 on any day of the week. For example, order a 6-inch Italian B.M.T. on Thursday and you’ll save 25% on your order.

Note: Prices and availability vary by location, so make sure your local Subway is participating in the promotion.



5. Make your salad bigger with free, unlimited veggies.

We all know you can get unlimited veggies on your sandwich, but it’s hard to fit a lot into the bread. Salads, though? They’re basically just veggies anyway, so you can double the size of your salad absolutely free.

All you have to do is ask your sandwich artist to double your veggies as you customize your salad. Just ask for another serving of cucumbers, bell peppers, olives, or any of your other favorite veggies and you’ll have a salad bowl that’s packed.

There are only three things you’ll have to pay for if you want to add more: extra meat, extra cheese, and guacamole.


6. Ask them to cut your bread with the “old cut” so you can fit more toppings.

Subway used to cut a bit more toward the top of the bread which added extra space to pile all the ingredients. The “old cut” holds the toppings better, so when you ask for extra toppings, the sandwich artists can stuff more in there.

Not sure how the “old cut” works? Have your sandwich artist cut into the top of your bread in a V-shape. Remove the top part like a lid and then enjoy piling on all the toppings.

Not every sandwich artist knows this trick, so please be patient when ordering!


7. Get 50% more meat when you order your sandwich “Deluxe” style.

You’ll pay extra to “double” the meat on your sandwich — $1.50 for a 6-inch and salads, $3 for a Footlong — but if you only want 50% more meat for less, just ask for the sandwich to be made “Deluxe” style. It’ll only cost $0.75 for a 6-inch and $1.50 for a Footlong.

If you’re getting a melt, double meat will cost you $1.50 for both sizes, but “Deluxe” style will only cost you $0.75 for both 6-inch and Footlongs.



8. Ask your sandwich artist to scoop out the middle of your bread to save up to 200 calories on a footlong.

Love those fresh-baked subs but want to skip the calories?

Asking your sandwich artist to scoop out the middle of the sandwich bread before adding the fixings may save up to 200 calories on a Footlong or 100 calories on a 6-inch, while still getting that fresh-baked bread taste.

We’ve tallied up the calories before scooping out the bread, so you can order your way.

  • Footlong bread: 360-460 calories
  • Footlong flatbread: 460 calories
  • 6-inch bread: 180-230 calories
  • 6-inch flatbread: 220 calories

Want to keep the middle of the bread? Opt for the Italian white or the 9-Grain wheat — they’re the lowest calorie options.

If you love wraps and not calories, you’ll probably be surprised to know that wraps actually have more calories than getting a Footlong with the bread scooped out. Subway’s tortillas are anywhere from 290-300 calories, and there’s no scooping anything out.


9. Ask for the softest or freshest bread to get whatever just came out of the oven.

Since Subway bakes all their breads in store, the employees will be able to tell you which bread was just baked so you get the softest, freshest bread they have.


10. Get a 4% discount using discount gift cards from Raise or Gift Card Granny.

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11. Order the secret menu Chicken Parmesan sub.

Back in 2010, the Chicken Parmesan sandwich was actually on Subway’s everyday menu. They still have all the ingredients for it, which makes it the perfect secret menu item.

To order the Chicken Parmesan, get a sub with Roasted chicken breast, marinara sauce, and top it with parmesan cheese. Want it cheesier? Add some provolone. And then get it all toasted.

The best part is that it costs the same as a regular Roasted chicken breast 6-inch ($6.29) or Footlong ($7.79).


12. Ask for onions and bell peppers to be toasted with your sub.

If you’re not a huge fan of raw onions and bell peppers, then we have the hack for you. Add onions and bell peppers to your sub before it’s toasted, and you’ll get all the flavor boost without the bite.

12 Subway Hacks to Eat Healthier (and Cheaper) on the Go