Most folks love Subway for their limitless sandwich options, but we love all the ways you can save money while still eating fresh, healthy food on the go.


1. Buy 10 sandwiches and get the 11th free.

Join Subway Rewards to earn one point for every $1 spent, then trade your points in for free food.

According to Subway’s Rewards page, you can get a free cookie with 10 points, a free 21 oz. fountain drink with 20 points, a free 6″ sub with 50 points, and a free footlong with 75 points.

That means you can get a free 6″ after purchasing 10 6″ Subway Melts ($4.75 each). If you like the cheaper sandwiches, like the BLT ($3.75 each), it will take 14 sandwiches to earn a free 6″ sub. (Keep in mind that Subway is a franchise, so each location’s program may vary.)


2. Get a free 6″ sub after signing up for weekly promotional texts.

Just provide your phone number and zip code to sign up to get weekly coupons via text message. After signing up, you’ll have to buy a 30 oz. fountain drink to get a free 6″ sub.

Then, expect to receive one promotional discount text every week like any two footlongs for $10 (up to $7.96 savings).


3. Split a footlong sub between two people to save 25%.

Whenever I’m eating Subway with someone else, we decide on a footlong sub to split. My friend customizes her half with her choice of toppings, while I customize my half with mine.

We both get what we want for about 25% less! For example, a 6″ Cold Cut Combo is $3.69, while a footlong is $5.19. So instead of paying a total of $7.38, we pay a combined total of $5.19.


4. Get a $0.48 discount when you buy three cookies instead of one.

Purchase one cookie for $0.69, or three cookies for $1.59 (a $0.48 discount).

Or go wild and get 12 cookies for $5.99, saving yourself $2.29 (which is like getting 3.3 cookies free!). Just throw the extra cookies in the freezer for later. These savings vary by location as different locations may have different prices!



5. Get free, unlimited veggies added to your salad.

We all know you can get unlimited veggies on your sandwich, but did you know you can do the same thing with your salad?

Since salads are mostly veggies anyway, you can basically double the size of your salad for free! You’ll have to pay more if you want to add extra meat, cheese or guacamole.


6. Ask them to cut your bread with the “old cut” so you can fit more toppings.

Instead of cutting your sandwich down the middle, subway used to cut a bit more toward the top and pile all the ingredients in there. The “old cut” holds the toppings better, so when you ask for extra toppings, the sandwich artists can stuff more in there!

Not every sandwich artists knows this trick, so please be patient when ordering!


7. Get 50% more meat when you order your sandwich “Deluxe” style.

You’ll pay around $1.50 to “Double” the meat on your sandwich, but if you only want 50% more meat for less, just ask for the sandwich to be made “Deluxe” style. It’ll cost around $0.79, depending on your sandwich.


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8. Ask your sandwich artist to scoop out the middle of your bread to save up to 300 calories.

Love those fresh-baked subs but want to skip the calories?

Asking your sandwich artist to scoop out the middle of the sandwich bread before adding the fixings may save up to 300 calories, while still getting that fresh-baked bread taste.


9. Ask for the softest or freshest bread to get whatever just came out of the oven.

Since Subway bakes all their breads in-store, the employees will be able to tell you which bread was just baked so you get the softest, freshest bread they have.



10. Don’t bother with the Subway app except to place an online order.

Have hangry kids in the car? Just order via Subway’s app so your food is ready to pick up whenever you arrive.


11. Get a 4% discount using discount gift cards from Raise or Gift Card Granny.

Get an instant 4% discount when you pre-buy a discounted gift card for yourself on or Gift Card Granny.



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