Zulily is a members-only daily deal site filled with children’s and women’s apparel, toys, infant gear, and home decor. Although this isn’t a physical store, Zulily deals still go pretty fast. Blink, and you might miss something good!

That’s why it’s so important to catch savings on Zulily before they’re gone. Here are some great shopping tips for finding the best Zulily deals.

By the way — when you download KCL’s free app and “favorite” Zulily, you’ll get notified about all of the best Zulily deals.


1. Make a Zulily.com account for daily deals of up to 70% off.

You can’t access the site until you sign up for a free Zulily account with your email. You’ll get access to daily deals up to 70% off. If you don’t want to give your email out, use a spam account (I have one with Yahoo) to sign up.

For every new member you refer to Zulily, you’ll receive a $15 shopping credit when they make their first purchase. Just know that your referral credits expire after 90 days — so make sure you use them when you get them.


2. Get Zulily free shipping all weekend if you buy something small on a Friday.

At Zulily, you pay a one-time shipping charge starting at $5.99 on that day’s first order, but you get free shipping for the rest of the day (until midnight).

Here’s why that can actually be a perk: Zulily offers a weekend shipping special. If you place an order Friday, you’ll open a free shipping window for the rest of the weekend. I recommend placing a small order on Friday morning and paying the $5.99 minimum shipping, then using your free shipping for the rest of the weekend, with one caveat: The items you order must qualify for the lowest shipping charge (the $5.99 minimum), so you can’t order a huge piece of furniture and expect free shipping.

When I needed blackout curtains for my kids’ room, I purchased the curtain rings for $9.49 on Friday and paid $5.99 for shipping. I noticed that when I added the curtains, it brought the shipping total to $7.99. So, I ordered the curtains on Saturday and paid $0 for shipping, saving me $2.99.

Here’s the funny thing: Zulily combined both orders and shipped them at once anyway!


3. Check out Zulily Daily Deals each morning for big savings.

Zulily releases their Deals of the Day every day at 6 a.m. PST. Usually, you’ll see about 50 to 60 new deals on just about anything.

Ironically, Zulily Deals of the Day last up to three days, or 72 hours. To find out when a deal expires, check the top of the item’s page for the countdown.

The beauty of this is that deals pile up. It’s not uncommon to find countless great deals on home decor and other home items daily at Zulily.com. You can get items like these for more than 50% off:

Buy 1 Metal Geometric Decoration (reg. $56.98) $14.29, sale price
$5.99+ shipping
Final Price: $14.98
Buy 1 Ivory Floral Trace Bohemian Rug (reg. $108) $30.99, sale price
$5.99+ shipping
Final Price: $36.98


PRO TIP: If an item doesn’t sell out before the countdown ends, Zulily will put it back up for sale. Sometimes at an even lower price.


4. Price match Zulily sale items with Amazon and Walmart to get the biggest discount.

Zulily always tells customers their goal is to offer the best deal on everything. This is why they guarantee that if you find the same item at Amazon or Walmart.comZulily will price match or even beat their prices. And honestly, I don’t know how they do it, but I spent about 30 minutes trying to find anything on Amazon priced lower than Zulily and I just couldn’t.

Look for the purple “Best Price Promise” check mark on Zulily’s product pages. To request a price match, click on the check mark anytime you find a better deal on an identical item at Amazon or Walmart. Zulily will match Amazon or Walmart prices for up to 24 hours after your purchase.


PRO TIP: If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you may find their free shipping will end up saving you more on your total purchase than price matching at Zulily and paying their shipping costs. That’s why I always look out for price matches, and if I find them, I factor in shipping before I decide where to buy.


5. Zulily will do a price adjustment for up to 14 days after purchase.

Because Zulily determines their prices by comparing with competing websites, their item prices fluctuate as they stay competitive. If you see a lower price on Zulily.com for a product you already purchased, they will price-adjust their own prices for up to 14 days after your purchase.

To ask for a price adjustment, you can either chat with the Zulily customer service team or contact their Customer Service by phone (877) 779-5615 or email service@zulily.com.

The issue with price adjustments is that Zulily doesn’t offer rain checks for items not currently for sale. That means if your item’s a 72-hour deal or it sells out, you won’t be able to take advantage of this tip.

PRO TIP: When you download the Zulily app, you can keep track of items and check if you can save more by price matching after making your purchase.



6. Look out for Zulily’s “Ready to Ship” events to get it faster.

Year-round, Zulily hosts Ready to Ship events where all qualifying items get to you much faster, usually hitting the road within one to three days, which is a lot better than their regular shipping period at five to fourteen days.

I say this because after you make your purchase, Zulily waits until the sale ends to place one bulk order from the manufacturer. The items are then shipped to their warehouse in eight to ten days, and then they finally ship the items to you. Ugh.

PRO TIP: If you’re ever looking for some shopping inspiration, check out Zulily’s “Brands We Love” section to find out about their other current events. Plus, the “Brands We Love” section lets you set notifications when the next parties feature your favorite brands.


7. Stack Zulily promo codes and sales with cash-back apps and websites.

Although not many cash-back apps support Zulily, you can get 1% back with Ibotta. Plus, when you use this Ibotta link, you’ll receive up to $20 in bonuses. (To be eligible, you must be a new user and you must redeem your bonus offers within the first 30 days).

With a free shipping promo code, 65% off Zulily sale items, and 1% cash back with Ibotta, you’ll be sitting better than you were before stacking your deals.

Buy 1 Spice & Cream Ornate Throw Pillow – Set of Two $27.99, sale price
Buy 1 Coral & White Foliage Queen Sheet Set $19.99, sale price
Use FSKCL40415 for free shipping on any order of $40 or more
Get 1% back with Ibotta
Final Price: $47.50


8. Save up to 85% on housewares and more on Black Friday.

In 2020, Zulily held their Black Friday Sale in July — but that doesn’t mean you can’t look forward to more deals during the holidays, as I think most online retailers will be particularly aggressive this season.

In July, I saved up to 85% on a huge selection of styles. In fact, I found some items closer to 90% off. These are just a few dresses I saw on sale:

Buy 1 Blue & White Stripe Tie-Front Midi Dress (reg. $59.99) $8.99, sale price
$5.99+ shipping
Final Price: $14.98
Buy 1 White Tie-Accent Crochet A-Line Dress (reg. $79.99) $8.99, sale price
$5.99+ shipping
Final Price: $14.98
And here’s what I saw for Black Friday/Holiday in 2020:
Buy 1 Safavieh Ivory & Blue Harper Amelia Rug (reg. $169.99-$702.99) $17.99-$112.99
$5.99+ shipping
Final Price: as low as $23.98
Buy 1 Calming Weighted Blanket (reg. $159.99-$175) $24.99
$5.99+ shipping
Final Price: $30.98


9. Start your Zulily career and get 20% off employee discounts.

Zulily careers opportunities range from clothing buyers and maintenance assistants to software engineers and marketing analysts. Check out their job openings and see if there’s a good fit for you — the gig will include 20% off at Zulily.com!



10. Consider your Zulily returns carefully.

Like most stores, Zulily gives you 30 days for a return once you’ve received your items.

The catch is that Zulily’s Return Policy has a wide range of things they don’t accept for returns, which excludes just about everything but clothing and smaller housewares.

But, here’s another kicker: they charge YOU for your returns! Here’s how it works:

  • $4.95 for 1 item
  • $8.95 for up to 5 items
  • $17.90 for 6 or more items

So, make sure you really want the thing you’re buying from Zulily. If it doesn’t work out, you’re better off selling it on sites like Facebook Marketplace, ThredUp, Poshmark, or your local thrift store.

Use These 10 Zulily Shopping Tips to Get the Best Deals