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1. Coat the underside of costume jewelry to prevent tarnish.


When certain metals—the kind typically used for costume jewelry—come in contact with skin, the chemical reaction between skin and the metal causes tarnish. Use a clear coat of nail polish to prevent the metal and your skin from ever touching.


2. Paint the bottom of metal cans to prevent rust circles on surfaces.


Turn each rusty item upside down and wipe with a paper towel to get rid of any dust and excess rust. Then paint the rims with nail polish. Allow to dry fully, then you can re-shelve them with confidence.


3. Cover the tips of matches to protect them from moisture.


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4. Smooth over splinters on furniture.



5. Cover the scuffs on shoes.


Clean the shoe or boot, and then paint a thin coat of polish over the scuff or scratch mark.


6. Paint a thin coat on screws to keep them from coming loose.


Nail polish will act like superglue and hold those pesky screws forever in place.

Note: This also works great with those tiny eyeglass screws!


7. Dab the end of a thread so it easily slides through a needle.


Snip off any loose thread filaments, then touch the polish brush to the blunt end of the thread. Give it a few seconds to dry, then try threading your needle again.


8. Seal an envelope.


Nail polish is a natural adhesive, and best of all, you can use any color.


9. Waterproof and smudge-proof your labels.


Write on each label and allow the ink to dry fully. Then paint on a very thin coat of clear or light-colored nail polish—allow the polish to dry and set before applying the label to its final surface.


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10. Fix torn window screens.



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