Walking into a fine jewelry store with a spring in your step to find a thoughtful birthday gift for your mother doesn’t have to result in walking out with half-glazed eyes and a petite, gift-wrapped box that's worth more than your grocery budget. With a little knowledge and the right verbiage, your trip to the jewelry store can be the perfect stop for sentimental gifts and personal pleasures that everyone can afford.

1. Ring cleaning

Take a dull, lifeless ring or necklace into a jewelry store and fifteen minutes later, experience the satisfaction of walking out with brand-new bling. Nothing looks more cheery than a bright, clean, and polished wedding ring, and most fine jewelry stores are happy to freshen up the gems right in front of you. Try to sneak away a treasured piece from your loved one (without giving them a heart attack!). When they see it again for the first time, guaranteed their eyes will light up brighter than if you spent hundreds on something brand new.
Tips for additional wow-factor: 
  • Ask the employee to buff  yellow gold or sterling silver for an extra glossy shine.
  • Check to see if a complementary ring box or pouch is available.

2. Watch battery

You can find one free watch battery replacement giveaway at almost any jewelry store. If you ask a jeweler when the next promotion will occur, one of two things will happen: you'll either be given a coupon for future use (or be informed of general dates to check back), or you'll be given a battery then and there as a new customer appreciation. It's worth the wait to dazzle your husband or wife when they discover their favorite watch keeps time again!

3. Earring backs

Earring backs are lost faster than bobby pins and never seem to resurface until the dinner party is over. For a quick fix before your evening begins, run into a jewelry store. While precious metal earring backs can cost anywhere from six to eighteen dollars a piece, plastic stoppers cost pennies to manufacture. Without question, you can pick up a cheap or even free pair.

4. Quotes on custom designs

Why not take a break from your busy schedule and go on a much-needed escape to see your own jewelry visions come to life? Find out just exactly how much that anniversary ring you’ve been dreaming of would actually cost! Start with a phone call and make sure your local jeweler works with custom pieces. Next, let him or her know you'll be dropping by to get an estimate on your dream piece. Chances are he will give you more information, such as whether you need to speak with someone specifically or if an appointment is preferred. Regardless of the situation, go with a sketch of the piece you have in mind. Even if you're not an artist, a rough drawing will help the jeweler catch your vision. It's absolutely free to discuss your future plans with a professional. No strings attached, even if you choose to opt out of going ahead with the actual job. Plus, your ideas will finally have a tangible retail value to stuff away for a rainy day.
This is a guest post by Kellice from Logan, UT. 
4 Insider Tips for Freebies from the Jewelry Store