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Wait! Don’t throw away that lotion bottle just yet!

Just because the pump doesn’t bring up any more lotion doesn’t mean there’s none left in there. According to Consumer Reports, there’s up to 25% left in that bottle. You paid for that moisturizer — you deserve access to every last bit of it!

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Here’s what to do:


1. Use a squeeze bottle’s cap on a pump lotion bottle.

Woman putting a squeeze bottle cap on a pump lotion bottle.

Now you can turn that bottle upside down without leaning it against a bathroom wall.


2. Attach a piece of vinyl tubing to the end of the pump.

If manufacturers won’t make a tube that reaches the bottoms of their lotion bottles, make one yourself!

Most standard lotion pumps’ openings measure ¼ inch or ½ cm in diameter. Go to the hardware store and buy vinyl tubing (found in the plumbing section) that measures close to that size. It’s best to bring the pump in with you to ensure the tubing fits snugly around it.

When you get home, cut a 2-inch section of the tube and attach it to the lotion pump. Insert the pump — with the tube attached — back into the bottle to get to the lotion at the bottom.

Best part? You can reuse the tube!

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3. Cut the top off and scrape all the leftover cream into a small container.

Someone cutting the top off a lotion bottle and scraping the leftover cream into a small container.

Use a pair of sharp kitchen shears or a knife to remove the top part of a lotion bottle (remove the pump first). Then, scrap the remaining lotion out with a spatula.

You can reuse a small cosmetics container, a baby jar, or just a regular Tupperware container.

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4. Soak the lotion bottle or tube in a bowl full of warm water to thin the product.

Someone putting the tube in a bowl of water and squeezing lotion into their hand.


5. Get rid of the pump and make your own flat top.

First, take the pump apart by gripping the top pump and the inside tube with two pairs of pliers.

Then, you’ll need to fill the screw-top hole with the plastic from a clean milk jug. Trace the screw-top onto a piece of the plastic and cut it out.

Attach the piece of plastic to the top with glue (hot glue should work), making sure the glue doesn’t get in the screw-top’s threads. Apply glue from the outside to avoid this.

Finally, turn and store the lotion bottle upside down so all the leftover lotion slides to the opening. Just unscrew the top to dispense.


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