Getting your nails done can be so much fun and feel great! I love the way a fresh manicure looks, but I must admit—the price isn’t always appealing. Even if you don’t get your nails done often, you’ll most likely want to at some point for a special occasion. Take a look at these money-saving tips to help you save on your next manicure!

1. Extend the life of your manicure

Extending the time in-between trips to the salon means not paying as much, as often. Ask for a polish that you can easily find and purchase yourself. This way when you get a small chip, you can do a quick touch-up and extend the life of your manicure! Grab a clear topcoat as well to help your polish last longer between visits.

2. Just get a color change

Did you know that most times you can pay as little as $5-$7 for just a change of color? You can! I love this option. Not only does it save you money on the full price of a manicure but it will save you time as well!

3. Bring your own polish and tools

Some nail salons may offer a slight price reduction when you bring your own nail tools and polish. Check with the salon of your choice and see if they will do the same.

4. Choose short and round

I’m always unsure of how long to keep my nails when they ask about the length and shape. If you keep your nails shorter, they’ll be less likely to chip, which means less trips to the nail salon! It’s also best to choose “round” instead of “square” when getting your nails filed to a certain shape.

5. Protect your manicure!

This step is perhaps the key to making your manicure last twice as long. There are several things you can do to protect your manicure…each of which will add to its wearable life.

  • Stop using hand sanitizer: Hand sanitizer contains alcohol, which is a drying agent. The drier your polish becomes, the more chip-prone it will be.
  • Wear gloves for chores and dish washing: In the same way that alcohol dries polish, water causes polish to expand and leads to cracks and peeling.
  • Moisturize your nails and hands: Moisturizer and cuticle oil can help your polish last and keep your hands and nails looking young and fabulous.

Don’t forget to tip! Those technicians work hard!

This is a guest post by Amber S. from Waynesboro, PA.

5 Ways to Save on Your Next Manicure