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Bombas Socks Reviews — We Put Three Different Pairs to the Test

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There are two kinds of people in this world — those that think a lot about the socks on their feet and those who don't. If you're in the first group, then you've probably tried Bombas socks. However if you're in the second, you're either asking "Are Bombas socks worth it?" or, quite frankly, going about your business in cheaper socks. We're somewhere in the middle, so tried-and-tested Bombas socks reviews mean a lot to us.

With that in mind, we set out to try three different types of Bombas socks: Performance Running Quarter Socks, Gripper socks, and Youth socks.

Below, you'll find our Bombas socks reviews to learn whether or not they're worth the hype. And if you find a Bombas deal, make sure to use our exclusive KCL code KCL20 to get 20% off your first Bombas purchase.

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KCL “I Tried It” Review: Bombas Performance Running Quarter Socks

  • Reviewed by: Laura C., North Carolina, avid runner

Buy: Women's Running Quarter Sock, $18, ($14.40 with code KCL20)

As a runner, I was aware of Bombas because of their advertisements, but never tried them for myself until recently while training for a marathon. Personally, I'm a fan of higher run socks that aren't too thin or too thick. Bombas Performance Running Quarter Socks are the perfect thickness and super soft. They don't slide around while I run, they stay put! I really didn't know I needed these until I tried them.

I will be wearing them for both training and races, and I wore them the last few weeks of my marathon training and loved them. I decided to wear them on the day of my marathon, too, and I'm so happy I did. My feet were soaked because it rained, but the Bombas still felt really comfortable on my feet. 

Pros: Comfortable with plenty of styles to choose from; great for both training and races

Cons: Pricey (but worth it)

KCL “I Tried It” Review: Bombas Gripper Socks

  • Reviewed by: Kelly B., California, mediocre Pilates student

Buy: Women's Gripper Ankle Sock 4-Pack, $57, ($45.60 with code KCL20)

I've done Pilates and Barre classes for years, so gripper socks are nothing new to me. And I was already familiar with Bombas because I was gifted a pair of their slippers a few years ago. Plus, my husband and kids wear Bombas socks regularly. When I saw that Bombas Gripper Socks are a thing, I decided to go for it.

First of all, they have that comfortability that Bombas is known for, and the grip on the bottom of these socks made me feel really secure during a recent Pilates class. Added bonus: My house has stairs that are slippery as all get-out. So I've been wearing the Bombas Gripper Socks around my home to avoid any falls (of which I've had several).

  • Pros: Give your feet a comforting hug; offer traction to avoid slips, available in both ankle and calf styles

  • Cons: Limited color availability

KCL “My Kid Tried It” Review: Bombas Youth Socks


Reviewed by: Ethan K. (11) and Grace K. (5), California, kids with a lot of opinions

Buy: Youth Pixar Bombas Calf Sock 4-Pack, $41.80, ($33.44 with code KCL20)

Ethan: Personally, I like the Bombas ankle socks the best. They feel cushiony and there's no annoying seam at my toes. I think they fit really well. I hate when socks become really loose after a while because they they move around in my sneakers and become uncomfortable. These keep the same shape so I don't have to fix them all day. And there's extra padding for the back of the ankle which makes it more comfortable when I'm wearing new sneakers.

Grace: I like socks with characters and lots of colors. And I think they help me run really fast.

Disclosure: There is no scientific proof these socks make 5-year-olds run faster.

  • Pros: No toe seams, stay snug to the foot

  • Cons: "They don't have princess socks." — Grace K.

What’s so special about Bombas socks?

There's a lot of debate around what makes Bombas so great. And if our Bombas socks reviews haven't offered any indication as to why, consider the materials used to make them. Let's take a look at the Women's Running Quarter Socks. They're comprised of the following:

  • 58% - 59% Polyester, 23% Nylon, 14%-15% Cotton, and 4% Elastane

Why does that matter?

These materials (and the percentage of each used in a Bombas sock) matter because they contribute to the performance, durability, comfortability, and moisture-wicking capabilities of socks.


While there are a lot of jokes made about Polyester, it's both lightweight and fast-drying. Remember when Laura mentioned she was still comfortable in her Bombas socks despite running a marathon in the rain? Polyester helped with that.


This is the material that helps a sock maintain its shape, also assisting with arch support. This is a callback to when Laura said her socks don't slide around when she runs.


The thing about cotton is it's a super breathable material and good for sensitive skin. That's why you'll see a higher percentage of cotton used in the Youth Bombas socks.


Plain and simple — this gives the socks flexibility.

Do Bombas last long?

The overwhelming consensus from Bombas loyalists we spoke with is — yes, they do. You can expect them to last at least two years, if not more. In fact, one KCL staffer has received multiple pairs of Youth socks for her son as hand-me-downs. Now if a pair of socks can solidly perform from one kid to the next, that may be the best testament to durability we can find.

If you think Bombas socks are durable and comfortable, think of how these basics can help those in need. Through the Bombas One Purchased = One Donated mission, the company donates one pair of socks or underwear, or a T-shirt, for every one of those items they sell. To date, they have donated 100 million items through the program.

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