Nail polish is one of those cheap couponing finds that can be scored for pennies on the dollar. The Krazy Coupon Lady frequently posts deals on polish, so it’s easy for a stockpile to get out of control!

Today, nail polish no longer comes in just feminine shades of pink and reds. The new nudes, fun brights and sophisticated darks all give me incredible mani/pedi options, and also gives me the opportunity to use the colors for more than just my nails.


For kids’ stuff

  • Learn right and left: When my youngest had trouble placing a certain pair of shoes on the correct feet, I used nail polish to help. A small "L" and "R" on the sole of each shoe helped him learn to place the correct shoe on the correct foot. It wore off within two weeks, which was enough time for him to learn (and the shoes weren't ruined).
  • Keep socks together: It’s easy to get my sons’ socks mixed up on laundry day, so I mark their socks with a small dot of polish on the toe to tell them apart. One boy has been assigned red dots and the other has blue dots. It makes laundry sorting so easy that they can even help! I just reapply the dab of polish as it wears off.
  • Last-minute projects: Is it the night before a school poster is due? Does your child need just a bit more paint to finish his model car? Before rushing out to the hobby store to buy a small bottle of paint, inventory your nail polish supply. A bit of what you have on hand might just do the trick. Bonus: The tiny brush is an ideal size for a child’s small hands.

Wardrobe help

  • Make hair accessories pop: Need to add some pizzazz to cheap hair accessories? Paint them with nail polish! Bobby pins can be matched to a hair shade for more subtle style or coated with bright neon colors for a bolder look. Add polish to dull head bands, hair combs, barrettes, and more. It creates almost no mess and projects dry fast, so it is also an ideal project for a young girl's birthday party or something teenagers can do themselves.
  • Stop a run: A spritz of hairspray can stop a run in pantyhose, and washing them in vinegar may help deter runs, but I've found nothing works as well as nail polish. I use this remedy at home but also stash a bottle of polish in the office for on-the-spot help.
  • Make hangers visible: I was always "losing" the hangers in my closet that were holding my camis, undershirts, and shells that I wear often. The thin fabrics and straps were getting caught behind other clothes and I couldn't see them. So I devised a quick color-coding system. By placing one recognizable dot of bright nail polish on the plastic hangers that hold these items, I can now scan my closet for the color on the hanger rather than the actual item. The color identification also helps me keep these hangers and items grouped together, so no more lost tops!

Around the house

  • Give clips pizzazz: Use nail polish to paint wooden clothespins. Be creative: Make polka dots, fun words or stripes. Use as chip clips in the pantry, to bind important paperwork together, or even to collect like coupons for your next trip to the grocery store.
  • Make house numbers stand out: When the identifying home numbers fell off my mailbox (again!) I knew I needed a creative solution. Bright red polish on my black mailbox did the trick! I simply painted the numbers directly onto the box. The no-cost solution helps ensure my mail gets delivered to the right box.
  • Fix scratched surfaces: A small scratch in my dark-colored bookcase was easily fixed with a swipe of cocoa-colored polish. Nail polish can be used to cover furniture scratches in addition to flaws in small décor items and more.

Know of any other uses for old nail polish? Be sure to share them in the comments section below!

This is a guest post by Audrey from Texas
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New Uses for Old Nail Polish