This all-natural translucent finishing powder is amazing! I had no idea you could make something like this on your own! When I discovered the recipe, I just had to try it and was thoroughly impressed with the results. It does a fantastic job of absorbing oil and leaves my skin with a lovely matte finish all day long. To buy this type of finishing powder costs anywhere from $10 on up for just a few ounces, but you can make your own for less than a dollar. The only ingredient that you probably don't have readily on hand is French green clay. This is a product used in resorts for facials—it’s great at absorbing dirt, oil and bacteria. I purchased mine from Amazon.  You’ll also need cornstarch, another ingredient commonly found in makeup, because it also helps absorb oils.


  • Container
  • 1 part French green clay (Amazon sells a 2 oz. pack for around $2)
  • 1 part cornstarch
  • Tiny pinch of baking cocoa for color (optional)


  1. I washed out an old hand cream container to store my new makeup in. Clean spice jars also work great.
  2. Mix together equal parts of cornstarch and French green clay and if you want, a pinch of cocoa to add a bit of color.

Note: Cornstarch has a shelf life of about a year, so keep that in mind as you mix up your powder.




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