Before you give up and hit the “reset” button on your 2014 fitness goals, consider getting a little extra help from our dear friend, the smartphone. I always start out with the best intentions, but like many people, my discipline starts to slack right around…well, now. But technology is here to help! With smartphone (and tablet) fitness apps, I can exercise pretty much anywhere, learn how to do exercises properly, and track my progress, giving me much better odds of success. Here are five of the hottest free workout apps to help get you through your resolution slump:

1. Runtastic

If you’re one of those driven individuals who finds joy in stomping on pavement, this app may be for you. Runtastic is not just for runners, it’s also for anyone who partakes in indoor or outdoor distance activities. With its built-in GPS, you can track your run or activity to determine whether you’ve met a goal. Its software also equips you to track speed, pace, and calories burned, and analyze progress over days, weeks, months and even years! Runtastic is free and available for IOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry.

2. Ab Trainer

Ab Trainer is especially great for those on the go, simply because ab workouts rarely require equipment. With detailed voice cues, animation and automatic logging, you don’t need to be super technologically savvy, either. Don’t be intimidated by the “Spartan Abs” routine—that’s for more intermediate trainers. Maybe try the 7-minute “Beach Ready” workout first and then move on to one of the other hundred-plus tutorials. You could be on your way to a six-pack (or four-pack, or two-pack…heck anything would be an improvement at this point) before you know it! Ab Trainer is free and available for IOS.

3. Daily Workouts FREE

Following the same workout routine gets boring. Mix it up with Daily Workouts FREE and receive a new workout video every day! All of the videos posted in this app have been developed and demonstrated by personal trainers, so you don’t have to worry about wasting time and effort on exercises that aren’t effective. And they’re easy to fit into your schedule—full body workouts are 10–30 minutes long while target-area videos are just 5–10 minutes. Daily Workouts FREE is available for IOS, Android and Windows.

4. Hot5

Circuit training has blown up over the last year, but you can avoid paying the pricey cross-fit gym membership fees by downloading this app. Hot5 brings you five 5-minute videos all targeting different areas of your body. Their intense, high-quality videos include: Power Conditioning, Integrated Interval Cardio, Shredded Physique, Yoga & Pilates, Functional Strength and “Hot Bikini Bod.” Hot5 is free and available for IOS.

5. Workout Trainer

More times than not, I walk into my gym unsure of which machines I’ll use (0r even how to use them). With Workout Trainer, you can confidently approach fitness appliances knowing how many repetitions and sets are necessary to hit your goals. You can also use the photo and video instructions for yoga, weightlifting and running. And with the ability to schedule workouts and receive reminders, it’s easier to stay on track! Workout Trainer is free and available for IOS and Android.

5 Free Fitness Apps to Help You Meet Your 2014 Goals