I enjoy a good deal, but I LOVE a good deal on clothes. The closer to free, the better for me! This is especially true for me as we inch closer to spring—that means bringing out the old clothing from last season. Sometimes that means discovering great tops we forgot about, and other times that means wondering, “Why did I ever wear that?!” So if you’re in the need to get rid of clothing that just isn’t for you, then this post can help you get great spring clothing for no cost at all!

How a clothing and jewelry swap works

Recently, my friends and I hosted a clothing and jewelry swap. We each brought clothes and jewelry from our closets (that was in like-new or brand new condition) over to a friend’s house one Saturday afternoon. One room of her house turned into a mini-shop where everyone neatly placed their goods for trade.

The host of the event recorded how many items each person brought. It was suggested that each person bring four to six items to keep a good variety of options for everyone.

Each participant drew a number from a hat. The person with the number one got to “shop” first, with the number two following, and so on. Each person got to pick one item per round. The number of rounds you went was determined by the number of items you brought. So, if you brought four items, you got four turns to “shop.”

Some were concerned that there might not be enough items in their size, which is one of the reasons we added accessories and jewelry to the mix.

Any items that were not picked at the end were donated to a local women’s shelter. It was a fun afternoon that gave us all a few “new” items in our closets with no money spent!

Other swap variations

It would also be a great idea for parents to host a similar event with children’s clothes, given the right mix of ages, of course. I also attended one swap that asked for a donation to a shelter to participate, so it could act as a fundraiser as well. You can also check out some of these great “swap” resources below!

Update Your Spring Wardrobe for Free!