One thing I love using coupons on is cosmetics. My plastic makeup case and bathroom drawers are filled with so many wonderful, yet expensive, brands that I could never afford without help from my Sunday newspaper inserts. Luckily, I can use my coupons to live like a high-maintenance girl but not actually SPEND like a high-maintenance girl!

I was recently bothered by the oily skin on my face and remembered seeing some oil absorbing sheets from the E.L.F. line of cosmetics. As you may know, most E.L.F. products only cost $1.00, and the "Shine Eraser" sheets are no exception. There are 50 in a pack. While those only cost a buck, other brands that I've seen can cost up to $7.00.

Oil-blotting sheets are a fast-fix for oily foreheads and T-zones. Ever look in the mirror midday and see that shine? Oil-blotting sheets easily remove that shine without the need to pile on more powder.

While the E.L.F. "Shine Eraser" sheets may have seemed like a bargain at only a dollar, I still couldn't bring myself to purchase them! It just didn't seem like it was a very good value, so I came up with my own oil-absorbing sheets, and I feel like I’m now getting the most bang for my buck.

Even if the $1.00 price isn’t an issue, one day you may need some oil-blotters when you don’t have any on hand. This is a cheap and easy fix without a trip to the drugstore!

Here is how to make your own very inexpensive facial "oil blotting" sheets:

Buy a package of plain white tissue paper (the type used to wrap gifts and clothing). Dollar Tree is a great place to find tissue paper at bargain prices. Each package comes with 35 sheets measuring 20" X 20". Cut them into any size you’d like, but I prefer to cut them into 2" X 2" squares. This way each sheet of tissue paper makes 100 blotting sheets, and an entire package will make 3,500 sheets. Store them in a mint tin or zip-top bag.

Each E.L.F. oil-absorbing sheet would cost $0.02 each, but the homemade version costs the same for 70 times more product!

I’ve found that the tissue paper works wonders for removing the shine on my face throughout the day. They should last a very long time, and I feel better knowing that I’m stretching that dollar a little more!

This is a guest post by Jennifer from Pelzer, SC
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How to Make Your Own Oil-Blotting Facial Sheets