Oh, denim, I love and hate you at the same time. You either flatter my lower half—enough to inspire a rapper to write a song, or you make me look like a stubby clown with a jelly doughnut problem. Because of my body shape, this is truly how I feel about denim jeans. It’s hard for a gal to find the perfect-fitting jeans, and when she does, you bet she’s gonna buy at least one pair. Because of this difficulty, I need my jeans to last. No color fading for me—distressed jeans aren’t my thing. So whenever I buy dark denim, I make sure to first wash them with vinegar before even hanging them up. Why vinegar? Well, it acts as a dye sealant, decreasing bleeding and ensuring your new favorite jeans will stay the color they were intended to be. Simply turn your new jeans inside-out before throwing them in a cold wash cycle with one cup of white vinegar—nothing else. Hang your jeans to dry to avoid any further fading.






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