We all have it somewhere, stuck away in the back of a drawer, in a bag under the bathroom vanity or in a basket on a shelf in the closet. It's that collection of expensive but old—mostly used or unused because we didn't like it once we got it home—makeup. Whether your old makeup is a high-end, department store brand or something you picked up at the local drugstore, you know how costly cosmetics can be. It’s time to get beauty-savvy and money-wise when it comes to your makeup.

Letting your nearly-used or never-used beauty products sit unused is costing you money. And yet throwing it away seems like such a waste. That, most likely, is why you still have it. What you may not know is that you can bring new life to what's left. You can mix, match and remake all that old eyeshadow, blush and lipstick and find big savings in the process.

Reblend old eyeshadow

Most of us have, at the very least, several nearly-empty tins of a favorite eyeshadow lying around. We can't bring ourselves to throw it away because we like it. The secret is to make use of every last bit of that favorite color. Simply crush what's left, scrape it into a small container and add a small dab of petroleum jelly. Blend well and you'll have that great color once again—this time in a soft, creamy formula.

Storage and application

For easy storage, mix the new blend in a small container. A seven-day, plastic, vitamin box works great, especially if you have several colors to remake. Or better yet, if you've emptied out a four-shade shadow compact, simply refill it with the newly created creams. Use a small foam applicator or the tip of your finger and you'll be ready to bat those baby blues—or greens or browns.

Use for blush, bronzer and beyond

If you have red- or brown-tinted shadows lying around that you liked in the store but not so much when you got them home, you can use the same method to create a creamy blush or bronzer for your cheeks. A light beige color can be used as an under-eye concealer, while a light-shimmering color can be used to highlight under your brows, on the inner corners of your eyes or even along the outside of your upper cheek bones.

You can also blend old shadow with a bit of clear mascara for a custom-made eyeliner. Simply apply the shadow cream to your lash line with a small, fairly stiff makeup brush.

Reinvent old blush

Most of us have at least a few old blush compacts lying around. Once again, if it's your favorite color you've probably had a hard time getting rid of it. And yet there's so little left that you've stuck it in a drawer with the rest of your discards. Take all of those remnants, crush them up and add a speck of petroleum jelly; you'll have a cream blush in a new color you know you'll love. You can also mix several old colors you bought but don't like to create a new, customized color just for you.

Use for bronzer and lip gloss

Another way to use your leftover blush is to create a body bronzer. Darker colors, especially those with a brownish tint, can be mixed with your favorite moisturizer to create the perfect bronzer. You'll be adding color and moisturizing at the same time. And we all know how expensive salon bronzers can be.

Finally, you can mix your leftover blush with a little clear lip gloss; you'll have a subtle but shimmering new glow for your lips. Apply with a thin lip brush and you'll be good to go.

Recreate a lipstick you'll love

One quick and easy way to fix a broken tube of lipstick is to carefully reform and repack it right in the tube. Shape it with your fingers and then throw it in the fridge for a day. It will reset and be as good as new.

Create your own shade

For the nearly-empty tubes, take several and scoop out what's left. Blend together the colors you think will create a shade you like into a small bowl and pop it into the microwave until it's soft—a couple of seconds should do. Scrape the new, blended color into a small tin and then apply with a small, soft lip brush. Mixing in a bit of petroleum jelly is a great way to revive lipstick that has become dried out or is a little too thick.

Make a lip gloss

You can also create a soft, subtle lip gloss using the same method. Just use less lip color and, once it's heated, blend in petroleum jelly. Or you can make a smooth, tinted lip balm by mixing in that last bit of lip balm that's been lying at the back of your makeup drawer or in the cup holder of your car.

Finally, you can really stretch and recreate the lip color you love by creating a cream blush. Mix it with a bit of petroleum jelly to subdue the color and then simply dab it on your cheeks. You'll have a smooth and creamy, inexpensive blush in a color you know you like. Sport a rosy, inexpensive radiance to match the glow you'll have in knowing you've been financially savvy.


This is a guest post by Terri. 

Revitalize Old Makeup & Keep Your Beauty Costs Down