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See How Wella's Ultimate Repair Line Saved My Hair

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Earlier this month, I took a much-needed vacation. After spending every day at the beach or in the pool, I came home well-rested. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same about my hair. Spending all that time in the sun (and in a pool filled with chemicals) did some damage. I could literally feel it. And since my hair is color-treated, it made the aftermath even worse.

When I got home, I used a deep conditioning mask and hot oil treatment, but my hair still felt — and looked — like it needed some TLC. After some internet research, I saw Wella Professionals launched a new haircare line called Ultimate Repair. There are only a few reviews on Amazon right now because it’s so new, so I was a little nervous about the splurge. However, since every one was positive, I decided to go for it. I ordered the Ultimate Repair Shampoo, Conditioner, and Miracle Hair Leave-In Treatment. I used them daily for one week — check out my results and takeaways:


1. After using Wella Professionals Ultimate Repair line, my hair went from hot mess to healthy.

I’m a little embarrassed to show you how damaged my hair was before, but I’m so happy with my results that I think everyone should see them. My hair is not only smoother and shinier, but also stronger. Plus, my signature curls are back. It’s only been a week, and I can’t wait to see the difference after a month. Take a look:

before and after headshots of someone's hair using the wella ultimate repair products


2. The Ultimate Repair regimen only has three steps and the directions are easy to follow.

wella professionals ultimate repair three-steps

I hate when I’m trying out a new hair treatment and the instructions are really complicated. Fortunately, the Wella Ultimate Repair regimen makes it so simple. Step 1 is the Ultimate Repair Shampoo, which you use like any other shampoo. In Step 2, you’ll first apply the Ultimate Repair Conditioner to the most damaged parts of your hair before moving on to the rest. The instructions suggest leaving it on for 30 seconds to three minutes, but I do the full three minutes. The final step happens once you get out of the shower. Towel dry your hair, then spray between 10-20 pumps of the Ultimate Repair Miracle Hair Rescue Leave-In Treatment. Gently comb it through, wait 90 seconds, and style your hair how you normally would. That’s it.


3. The Ultimate Repair Shampoo will make your hair feel softer, but still give it a deep clean.

wella professionals ultimate repair shampoo step 1

Even when my hair’s healthy, I can’t run my fingers through it until after I’ve applied conditioner. So I was surprised to feel how smooth my hair felt the first time I rinsed out the Ultimate Repair Shampoo. I also love how unlike most shampoos, which are clear, this one has a creamy texture. But while my hair felt like I’d just finished applying conditioner, it still felt really, really clean. I checked the ingredients and read that Wella’s Ultimate Repair Shampoo is formulated with technology that first removes the impurities (like product build-up and pollution) that cause hair damage before it starts to rebuild the hair.


4. I only need a little bit of the Ultimate Repair Conditioner on my hair.

wella professionals ultimate repair conditioner step 2

I’ve got a confession: I go through conditioner so fast that I can’t buy it in normal-sized bottles. But just a quarter-sized amount of the Ultimate Repair Conditioner is enough to coat my hair and make it feel smoother. After applying it, I comb out my hair, which I already do every time I shower. Then, I add just a little bit more to the parts that feel especially damaged before waiting three minutes to rinse it out. My hair feels so much smoother every time, but doesn’t feel heavy or gunky like it does when I use other conditioners.


5. The Ultimate Repair Miracle Hair Rescue Leave-In Treatment starts working in just 90 seconds (seriously).

hand holding wella ultimate repair miracle hair rescue spray

Since my hair is very thick and very curly, I honestly had doubts when I first saw the little 1 oz. bottle of spray. But Wella is not exaggerating when they called this a miracle treatment. I sprayed 20 pumps of the Ultimate Repair Miracle Hair Rescue all over my hair and immediately felt it tingling. Twenty minutes later, it was still tingling. Even though the directions say you can style your hair as usual after 90 seconds, I didn’t apply any of my usual products on the first day. Instead, I let my hair air dry because it just felt so damn good and I didn’t want to mess that up. But even after I started applying my usual hair products on the second day, I could still feel the tingling.


6. I splurged on Wella’s Ultimate Repair products, but it was well worth it — and way cheaper than what I’d pay at a salon.

before and after of someone's hair using the wella ultimate repair products

Each product in the Ultimate Repair regimen costs $35, so altogether, I paid $105. I’ve never splurged that much on haircare products before, but I’m so happy with my results that it was money well spent. Plus, a single scalp or hair repair treatment can cost over $200 at the salon. However these products will last months for half of that.

Hair care can be a harrowing journey, but hopefully, Wella’s Ultimate Repair Line can work as well for you as it did for me. If you end up trying it out, make sure you share an Amazon review so I can see your results, too.

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