It's always the same drill—whether I’m spring cleaning or frantically cleaning the house moments before company comes over. I spend what feels like hours cleaning all of the faucets only to find them spotty and streaked by the end of the day. Rather than buy fancy bathroom cleaners, I found a solution that costs around $1…wax paper! The texture of wax paper helps scrub away any fingerprints and hard water stains. The wax also acts as a repellent, which means that my fixtures stay cleaner for longer.


  1. Clean your faucets as you normally would with a washcloth and warm water.
  2. Dry your faucets and fixtures completely.
  3. Tear off a sheet of wax paper (you'll want it about a foot long).
  4. Rub your dry faucets and fixtures with the wax paper. I like to fold the paper in half before I start scrubbing because it's more durable that way. You might feel kind of weird rubbing wax paper all over your faucets, but I promise this really works.
  5. The wax paper can leave behind a tiny bit of residue but a light polish with a soft, dry cloth will remove any visible wax from your fixtures and faucets.
  6. Admire the shine!
Wax Paper: The Secret to Long-Lasting Shine on Your Faucet Fixtures