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8 Genius Hacks for Packing a Suitcase

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With the price of airline tickets rising and most airlines charging additional dollars for luggage, I’m trying to make better decisions in how I pack and what I pack when I fly! Because less is more, I bought a new set of luggage with many additional compartments which should decrease my need for one additional bag. And my new luggage is much lighter than my previous set.

Strategic placement of your packed items can save you luggage fees! Here are eight things you can do to save space and ultimately money!

1. Use a contact container to put makeup in

packing 01
Via ViralNova

My carry-on bag has to have a change of underwear, an outfit, and personal hygiene items just in case my checked luggage gets lost. Store enough makeup in a contact container to last at least 24 hours. This will save you money if your luggage gets lost because you won’t have to pay full price for a bottle at the local store (without coupons). Store the contact container in a resealable sandwich bag to prevent spillage.

2. Stuff your socks, scarves, and belts into your shoes

packing 7
Via Good Housekeeping

I typically limit what I bring for accessories because I don’t have enough room. This little trick is a sure-fire way to save room for all of my accessories by taking advantage of hidden storage areas. Since I wear a size 9 shoe, I can easily fit three pairs of socks in my sneakers.

3. Use a pill container for jewelry

packing 1
Via Good Housekeeping

Accessorizing even when I travel is a must. Last time I traveled I stored my jewelry in a daily pill box and it worked like a charm!

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4. Stack and stuff your bras

Via Cosmopolitan

What better way to prolong the life of your bras while maintaining their shape?! I love this idea because it makes use of the space inside the bra to hold panties! I will definitely be using this tip on my next trip.

5. Keep your necklace untangled with a straw

Via Real Simple

There’s nothing more frustrating and time-consuming than a knotted necklace. A straw is the perfect cheap storage solution for taking my necklaces on a trip.

6. Use an eyeglass case to pack your cellphone charger and accessories

packing 5

Via 100Things2Do

Eyeglass cases are sturdy, and I have extra ones anyway, so this is a no-brainer. I’m always in a panic when I can’t find my charger, so keeping all my cell phone accessories in one easily accessible and portable case saves me a lot of time and stress.

7. Use tissue paper between clothing to prevent wrinkles

packing 11
Via Real Simple

I certainly don’t have room in my suitcase to carry an iron on my trip. I also don’t want to iron on vacation. One quick trick to prevent wrinkling is to use tissue paper between layers of clothing.

8. Store cotton swabs in an old medicine bottle

packing 10
Via The Huffington Post

Maybe I just need ten cotton swabs for my trip; it doesn’t make sense to take the whole box. Store swabs in an old medicine bottle—after you remove the label of course!

A few additional tips

  • Wear your coat instead of packing it, then remove it when you get to your seat.
  • Pack flats and wear your clunkiest pair of shoes.
  • Download books onto your iPhone or Kindle instead of taking bulky books.
  • If you’re traveling as a family, spread the heaviest items throughout everyone’s luggage.

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