I love to travel. What I don't love is paying for it. What helps me afford my "travel fixes" is to take advantage of rewards programs, coupons and discounts wherever I can. Since I travel a lot by air, I spend a good bit of time dropping off and picking up my car at airport parking lots. These helpful tips can guide you towards finding the best deals on airport parking…as well as some interesting alternatives!

3 Key tips to save more on ground transportation

1. Check hotel concierge services first

Before you book a shuttle to/from the airport, be sure to check with your hotel and find out if they offer a free or discounted shuttle to the airport.

2. Book your transportation in advance

In most cases, you’ll get lower pricing if you make a reservation in advance (just be sure to check the change/cancellation policies if you are unsure about your itinerary)!

3. Book your transportation online

Not only can you avoid customer service "convenience fees" by booking online, but you can also take advantage of special online-only coupon codes, discounts and sales.

How airport shuttles can help you save 

Depending on where you live and where you are going, your transportation options getting to and from the airport will vary. Of course, the best scenario is to get "free" rides from family and friends—but that isn't always feasible. Here’s an estimate of "typical" nationwide prices on different services to help you plan your ground transportation budget.

4 Options: Pricing estimates courtesy of Super Shuttle.

  • Public transportation (bus, subway). $8 one-way. Share a ride with many passengers and many stops.
  • Shuttle. $17 one-way (plus optional tip). Share a ride with 7-10 people and several stops.
  • Taxi. $54.69 one-way (plus optional tip). You are the sole passenger with a direct ride.
  • Car service. $60 one-way (plus optional tip). You are the sole passenger with a direct ride.

Savings: Just by booking a shuttle ride, you can save up to $43 each way = $86 round trip! 

Nationwide shuttle options: Super Shuttle is my personal go-to airport shuttle service, but all three services are fabulous ways to find the lowest price on shuttle rides.

1. Super Shuttle

Super Shuttle has 50+ airport locations nationwide and internationally.

2. GO Shuttle

GO Shuttle has 66 locations nationwide and internationally.

3. Try Viator

If you’re having trouble finding a reasonable ground transportation option, Viator can help you find the best deal on airport shuttle services at 200+ airports.

4 Fab airport parking rewards programs

Each of these car parks is nationwide. You can earn great perks like free parking days, airline miles and even cold bottled water upon exit!

1. Park Ride Fly USA

Park Ride Fly USA has 55+ locations nationwide.

2. Fast Park

Fast Park has 16 locations nationwide.

3. The Parking Spot

The Parking Spot has 32 locations nationwide.

4. Park ‘N Fly

Park ‘N Fly has 77+ locations nationwide.



How to Get Big Savings on Airport Parking