At one time or another, we all find ourselves in the position of needing to travel somewhere at the last minute. One of our first thoughts is, “How much is this going to cost me?” It's an uneasy feeling to be at the mercy of an airline or hotel because you aren't booking far enough in advance. However, if you apply some simple strategies and are mindful of a few money-saving tips, you can save a bundle just by knowing where to navigate online. Get ready to travel without breaking the bank!

1. Bust bus myths

Gas prices are out of control, and airfare costs for an entire family can be outrageous! Long distance bus transit isn't an option because of the long, hot, uncomfortable rides you’ve heard about…or has that become a thing of the past? Thanks to premium coach companies that are popping up across the U.S., bus transit now offers comfortable plush seating, wheelchair accessibility, Wi-Fi, at seat plug-ins, spacious restrooms and panoramic windows. Two popular companies are Megabus and Boltbus. Not only do their buses offer all the amenities you need during a trip, both companies boast $1 bus fares with online booking to certain cities – making this a fun and affordable mode of travel!

2. Stay somewhere "new"

It's no secret…hotel stays often eat up a large portion of your travel budget. One way to save on hotel costs is to think outside the box, and HotelChatter helps you do just that. HotelChatter provides information on new hotel openings all over the world. Oftentimes, new hotels offer incredible grand opening deals to attract new customers and spread the word. And the good news is, you won't be going in blind regarding the hotel you choose. There are unbiased reviews from HotelChatter's staff members who have personally stayed at each of the new hotels.

3. Be family meal-thrifty

If you are traveling with children, another way to save money is to incorporate smart meal choices. Apps such as KidsMealDeals (available on iPhone, Blackberry and Android) tell you what restaurants in the location you are visiting offer free meals for kids. You can search by day of the week or location and get driving directions. Another option for the more health-conscious parent is Out to Eat with Kids. This website offers a database of economical and healthy dining choices in specific locations. Many of the restaurants on this website also participate in the National Restaurant Association's Kids LiveWell program. Not only can you serve your child smart food options, you will pay very little (or nothing at all) for them!

4. Use these websites

There are so many new innovative tools and websites that can help you plan your trip! Bing has a great "Price Predictor" tool that allows you to enter your itinerary and will then advise you when you should purchase your tickets based on when prices are expected to fall. If you are looking for incredible accommodation bargains and happen to fancy the luxurious, Luxury Link offers amazing luxury vacation packages up to 65 percent off. Who doesn't want to be pampered on vacation like the rich and famous? Now you can be, except you won’t have to pay full price!

5. Follow social media

If you are someone who travels often at the last minute due to your career or your jet-setting lifestyle, add these two twitter accounts to your feed and watch them closely. @Airfarewatchdog and @Farecomparedeal are known for adding incredible last-minute savings deals, but keep an eye out — they have to be acted upon quickly!

5 Ways to Save on Last-Minute Travel