When you’re visiting Disney World or Disneyland, Amazon can be your secret weapon. Why? Well, the key to a magical Disney experience is staying comfortable, keeping your hands free, and avoiding the heat. The rest will just come naturally.

The good news is these Amazon Disney trip essentials will check all those boxes for you.

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1. Stroller carabiners

Attach these mouse-shaped carabiners to your stroller to hang your diaper bag or purse. More room in the stroller and less clutter on your person is a win-win.


2. Stroller rain cover

A stroller rain cover is necessary for a Disney World trip as you’ll likely have a short tropical rainstorm at least once a day. If you’re going to Disneyland in the winter, it’ll most likely rain, so in that case, grab one of these for your stroller too.


3. Travel baby wipe dispenser for masks

Baby or no baby, you need a travel baby wipe dispenser to hold clean masks (or, get resourceful and just reuse a disposable wipes dispenser). Plan to change your masks when they get soggy, which will happen fast in hot and humid Disney conditions.

You have to wear masks indoors at both Disney parks. Here’s the Disney World mask policy, and here’s the Disneyland mask policy.


4. Mask lanyard

Since you’ll be pulling your mask up and down all day, depending on whether you’re indoors or outside, grab a few mask lanyards so you’re not misplacing masks.

This style works for adults and kids, but there are all kinds of options on Amazon.


5. Sunglasses chain

Ditto the idea above. A sunglasses chain will keep your hands free and your sunglasses within reach as you move between indoor activities and the outdoors.



6. Hand sanitizer holder

All the hand sanitizer! You’ll want it handy and easily accessible. Choose something like these Disney hand sanitizer holders that you can hang from your purse, stroller, whatever.


7. Mickey hand fan

Lines are long and hot, so make sure you pick up a Mickey hand fan on Amazon before your trip. This one has a finger loop so your hand doesn’t get tired holding it. It’s also got a night-light and three different wind speeds.


8. Gold Bond Friction Defense


If your thighs touch, you know the particular horror that comes when you combine humidity with dresses or skirts. Gold Bond Friction Defense is all the rage on TikTok, with women claiming it absolutely works all day to keep your thighs from chafing.


9. Shoe organizer for water bottles

Hang an Amazon shoe organizer from your stroller to keep water bottles in one spot and easy for kids to grab. If it bothers you to have it hanging down, consider punching a hole at each corner on the bottom and zip tie it to your stroller’s frame to secure the bottom as well.


10. Cooling towels

So much of enjoying Disney parks revolves around staying comfortable. Cooling towels are awesome, lightweight solutions to avoid overheating. You just need to get them wet and then stretch the fabric to activate it.

Use a drinking fountain for new cooling towels, but to re-wet them without spreading germs, pour water from a water bottle instead.


11. Amazon Disney shirts

Buy your Disney shirts on Amazon before you get to the park! I mean it. They’ll be less expensive and you’ll find loads of options.



12. Fuel Rod portable charger


Fuel Rod portable chargers are rechargeable and you can find portable phone charging kiosks at Disney World. You’ll spend $20 on a kit from Amazon which includes one rod, every adapter known to man, and a case for your rod.


13. Amazon Disney backpack

Buy an Amazon Disney backpack if you know you’ll want one. Sure, you can get one inside the parks, but again, why pay more?


14. Disney ears

Buy your Disney ears on Amazon so you’ve got them handy as you walk into the park on your first day. These are typically $29.99 inside the parks, so you’re saving over 50% when you buy them on Amazon.


15. Disney ears scrunchie

Not a fan of headbands? I get it. Go for the Disney ears scrunchies instead. Zero headaches guaranteed (literal and figurative).


16. Disney trading pins

You can’t trade pins with cast members currently, due to COVID-19, but you can still rock them! Buy Disney trading pins in lots of 10 or 15 pins on Amazon and then attach them to your Disney ears, mask lanyard, backpack, or T-shirts.


17. Clip-on toothbrush protector

Clip-on toothbrush protectors allow you to bring your toothbrush into the park with the least amount of bulk possible.


18. Motion sickness patch

Sure, you can use a motion sickness patch for your road trip to Disneyland or Disney World. But you can also use it for riding roller coasters! Just make sure you apply it at least 30 minutes before you go on the ride.



19. Collapsible metal drinking straw

Drinking straws at Disney parks are notoriously lame. Plus, using a collapsible metal drinking straw is better for the environment. This one has a little key chain so you can hook it inside your backpack or purse when you’re not using it.


20. Blister pads

Stock up on blister pads from Amazon before your trip. With all that walking, someone in your party is bound to get a blister!


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20 Amazon Disney Essentials for Your Vacation