Planning a Disney vacation this year?

Save money by skipping spendy vacation prep and expensive park souvenirs. Instead, hit up your local Dollar Tree for Disney-themed items you can pack with you before you go.


1. Buy Disney bubbles to keep kids entertained while standing in line.


2. Buy Disney character water bottles instead of paying for water at the Disney park.


3. Going to the park after dark? Bring glow-in-the-dark bracelets with you.


4. Buy all the princess stuff.


5. Bring a Disney night light with you for the hotel room.



6. Buy flashcards for traveling entertainment.

Wether you’re flying or on a road trip, these flash cards will come in handy to keep young kids busy.


7. Stock up on travel-size hand sanitizer for, well, everything.


8. Pack expandable hampers for dirty clothes in the hotel room.


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9. Tie a bandana on your car seat or luggage to identify it at the airport baggage claim.


10. Bring ponchos… just in case it rains.



11. Buy cheap sunglasses so if you lose them, it’s no big deal.


12. Bring a battery operated fan to the park if it’s hot out.


13. Pack your own snacks in Disney containers.


14. Buy water toys if your hotel has a pool.


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15. Pack Disney coloring books for cheap entertainment.


16. Buy pirate gear for your little buckaroo.


17. Bring wet wipes for sticky hands.



18. Buy hats for the entire family.


19. Don’t overpay for snacks in the park — bring Disney candy with you instead.

Your kids will be just as excited for Disney gummies (they don’t have to know it was from the Dollar Tree anyways).


20. Keep an eye out for Disney toys.


21. Buy a few Disney travel containers.

I couldn’t believe they had Moana containers at the local Dollar Tree!


22. Buy sunscreen for a buck per bottle.

Sometimes, you can even find a name brand sunscreen plus a manufacturer coupon — making it free.


23. Bring Disney stickers for your kids to put in their autograph books.


24. Bring reusable Disney cups to the hotel with you.


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25. Pack a few cute travel-size Kleenex packs.


26. Pack Disney-themed sandwich bags with snacks from home.


27. Skip expensive autograph books and buy a $1 journal instead.

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27 Dollar Store Items to Buy Before a Disney Vacation