If you’re planning a Disney vacation, these Dollar Tree items are a must. Save money by skipping spendy vacation prep and expensive park souvenirs and choose these more budget-friendly Disney merchandise instead.

Before we dig in, did you know you can use coupons at Dollar Tree?! When you combine a coupon with the $1 price tag, you can often get Dollar Tree items for free. No, really! We show you how to coupon at Dollar Tree here.


1. Keep kids entertained in long Disney park lines with bubbles.

Dollar Tree has Disney merchandise! You’ll find Disney princess products of all sorts and Dollar Tree toys with Disney characters on them throughout the store. You just have to look around. I found Minnie Mouse bubbles that are perfect for keeping kiddos entertained in line.


2. Disney character water bottles are some of the most useful Dollar Tree items.

Instead of paying for water on your Disney vacation, bring it with you in a cute Disney water bottle.


3. Going to the park after dark? Bring glow sticks with you.

Glow sticks are some of the most consistently stocked Dollar Tree items I’ve found over the years, but they’re actually not the cheapest glow sticks around. Here’s where to find the cheapest glow sticks around.


4. Buy all the Disney princess stuff.

Disney princess Dollar Tree toys?! Yep. I found paints, cards, collapsible water bottles, sandwich bags, and beyond.

Don’t see your favorite Disney princess toy? Check out these Disney deals.


5. Bring a Disney night-light with you for the hotel room.

Some kids need night-lights even on Disney vacations after all.



6. Buy flashcards for traveling entertainment.

Wether you’re flying or on a road trip, these flash cards will come in handy to keep young kids busy.


7. Stock up on travel-size hand sanitizer for, well, everything on your Disney vacation.

Before you grab this germ-killing Dollar Tree item, check for hand sanitizer coupons here. Most name-brand Dollar Tree items are smaller than what you’d find at a regular store. The best coupons to use at Dollar Tree are those with no or small product-size requirements. Check the coupon fine print for those details.


8. Pack expandable hampers for dirty clothes in the hotel room.

Staying organized and neat even in your hotel room will make your Disney vacation so much better.


9. Tie a Dollar Tree bandana to your luggage to identify it at the airport baggage claim.

Dollar Tree bandanas can also be used as face masks and reusable napkins on your Disney vacation.


10. Bring ponchos for water rides and rain.

The ponchos sold in the park are at least $10. Save that money for something more exciting on your Disney trip.



11. Buy cheap sunglasses so if you lose them, it’s no big deal.

Because losing expensive sunglasses on vacation is the worst.


12. Essential Dollar Tree item: battery operated fan.

This Dollar tree item will be your BFF on hot days at the park.


13. Pack Dollar Tree snacks in Disney containers.

Dollar Tree snacks stored in Frozen containers? Even the pickiest eater will love it. Check for food coupons before you shop!


14. Buy Dollar Tree water toys if your hotel has a pool.

Surprise your kids with Dollar Tree toys on vacation; they’re cheap and it’s not a huge deal if they get lost. Plus, if your kids are like mine, they’ll pounce at the opportunity to play with a new toy.


15. Pack Disney coloring books for cheap entertainment.

My Dollar Tree had Disney princess coloring books, but keep in mind inventory varies by location.


16. Buy pirate gear for your little buckaroo.

Even if your Dollar Tree doesn’t have Disney coloring pages, chances are you’ll find fun themes related to Disney. Raise your hand if you’ve got Peter Pan fans ready to be pirates?!


17. Bring wet wipes for sticky hands.

Baby wipes coupons are almost always available.



18. Buy hats for the entire family for your Disney vacation.

Then decorate plain Dollar Tree hats with buttons and patches for your Disney trip.


19. Don’t overpay for snacks in the park — bring Dollar Tree Disney candy with you instead.

Your kids will be just as excited for Disney gummies (they don’t have to know it was from the Dollar Tree anyways).


20. Keep an eye out for Disney toys.

If there aren’t any Dollar Tree toys you like, check out these Disney deals for discounts.


21. Buy a few Disney travel containers.

I couldn’t believe they had Moana Disney princess containers at the local Dollar Tree!


22. Buy sunscreen for a buck per bottle.

Sometimes, you can even find a name brand sunscreen plus a manufacturer sunscreen coupon — making it free.


23. Bring Disney stickers for your kids to put in their autograph books.


24. Bring reusable Disney cups to the hotel with you.

Speaking of hotel stays, you may find these hotel hacks useful on your family Disney vacation.


25. Pack a few cute travel-size Kleenex packs for your Disney vacation.


26. Pack Disney-themed sandwich bags with snacks from home.

Why buy individually packaged snacks when you can easily make them yourself?


27. Skip expensive Disney autograph books and buy a $1 journal instead.

Have kids design and decorate their own character pages before the trip, then print out photos with each character to stick in their DIY Disney autograph book.




27 Dollar Tree Items to Buy Before a Disney Vacation