Maybe you missed out on Alaska’s San Francisco BOGO sale, but airlines are still busting out the discounts to encourage you to fly.

Both Southwest and Alaska are offering super-cheap $39 tickets right now.

If you’re looking to travel in the next few months, you’ll want to pay attention to this — and act quickly before the deals disappear.

Here’s what you need to know:


Southwest’s 3-day $39 sale ends at 11:59 PM Central on Aug. 27.

Head over to the low fare list at, where you can select your home airport, and then see prices for all of the airline’s destinations.

You can’t sort by price, but you can quickly scan to find those precious $39 flights.

Keep in mind, the $39 price is one-way, and doesn’t apply to all flights to that destination. You have to find the right combination of destination and timing to get the best price. November and early December are your best bets, according to the website.


Book by Sept. 8 to get $39 flights from Alaska Airlines.

Alaska also has a low fare list, where you can browse flight deals based on your home airport.

They’re offering two types of deals: Saver fares and Main fares. Saver fares are the cheapest, but unlike Main fares, you can’t pick seats, can’t make flight changes, and you’re the last to board and access the overhead bins.

The $39 flights are available much sooner than Southwest, with the low fares hitting as early as late September.



If you miss out, Allegiant, Frontier, and Spirit always offer fares that low.

Bargain-basement airlines Allegiant, Frontier, and Spirit often have fares that start as low as $11 — but you gotta know the rules.

With both airlines, you’ll need to make sure you remember that you pay extra for almost everything — from bringing even one bag onboard, to seat selection, to snacks and drinks, to even calling customer service.

You can bring one small personal item for free — which won’t be enough if you are staying more than a day.


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Southwest & Alaska Offer $39 Flights — But You Gotta Move Quickly