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Save time, space, and money with these simple travel hacks:


1. Use an empty EOS lip balm container to bring small amounts of foundation or moisturizer.

Once you’ve used up your lip balm, save the container and use it to store foundation, lotion, moisturizer, or small jewelry when you travel.


2. Or use straws to carry travel-size portions of skincare products.

For products like sunscreen, moisturizer or foundation — fill straws and seal with tape!


3. Use an infinity scarf as a blanket on the plane or to cover your eyes from light.


4. Download the FlightBoard app for live departures and arrivals.

Instead of finding (or crowding around) the arrivals and departures board in the airport, download FlightBoard to have the information at your fingertips!


5. Pack clothing items around a color scheme so it’s easy to mix and match.

Think neutral colors like black, white and grey.


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6. Pack your flat iron or curling iron — even if it’s still hot — in a potholder.


7. Refill travel-size containers instead of buying new bottles.


8. Make your own soap pouch with a washcloth.

One washcloth will make two pouches — one for traveling and one to keep at home! You’ll also need scissors, a sewing machine, pins, thread and a bar of soap.

First, place the bar of soap on the washcloth to make sure you make the right size. Then, cut the washcloth in half. Fold the washcloth over on top of the bar of soap. Fold each long edge in ¼ inch of the way and pin. Sew each long side in a straight line, leaving the top open to place the soap inside.



9. Protect your digital camera in a soap case when traveling.


10. Use pen springs to protect your charging cords from fraying.


11. Use a pill container to store and sort jewelry.


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12. Hide money in an empty lip balm tube.



13. Use old pill bottles to store Q-Tips.


14. Pack delicates together to maintain their shape.

By stacking bras on top of each other, folding them in half and tucking your underwear inside, you’ll maintain the shape of the bra and save space.


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14 Travel Hacks That'll Save You All the Time, Space and Money