If you’re like me, you can probably still remember that first day back to school each fall—you know, the day when the teacher asks each of you to stand up one by one and share with the class about what you did for summer vacation. Perhaps this is where my ongoing desire to book the most exciting trips originally stems from. Or maybe I just really like to travel. Regardless, I've been to 14 countries and hope to see even more in years to come.

Viator is one of the new breeds of digital travel scheduling resources that is dropping prices by putting great travel deals right into the hands of travelers—no middleman and no travel expertise required.

1. What is Viator?

Viator is an online and mobile travel scheduling resource that is considered to be at the leading edge of travel booking today. The site has been in operation for nearly two decades and includes more than 1,500 worldwide travel destinations. Through their network of 8,000 local tour operators, Viator can negotiate deals and pricing—as well as the most unique travel opportunities—you won't find anywhere else.

2. What about Viator's low price guarantee?

Viator gives all users its 100% lowest price guarantee, which includes the option to request a refund of the difference between what the user paid on Viator and any other lower competing offer.

3. How do I get started with Viator?

Getting started with Viator is very easy—just follow these steps.

  • Visit Viator online or download the app of your choice.
  • Sign up using your Facebook or Google+ account, or use your email address.
  • Begin browsing deals, or search on specific locations by country/city.
  • Flesh out your travel schedule by consulting Things to Do, Recommended, and Top Attractions.
  • When you find an offer that interests you, just click on it to learn more. You can book right from the offer page by selecting the date and number of travels, and then click "add to cart." When you are ready to check out, your voucher (if required) will be emailed to you along with further instructions.
  • You can even schedule your party for visits to local attractions—for the same day and at the last minute—with Viator once you arrive at your destination!
  • Many Viator attractions come with VIP service, which means no lines and no waiting.

How to save by using Viator 

There are several ways you can save by using Viator.

  • Low price guarantee: It goes without saying that a travel resource that offers to refund any lower price you find is worth checking out!
  • 24/7 Support: Not only do you get the low price guarantee, but you can access Viator's customer support anytime from anywhere—which means you never have to spend extra time or money trying to re-route yourself locally.
  • Sign up for daily emails: If you want to receive special discount promotional codes as well as daily low price specials and deals, you can sign up for Viator's free emails.
  • Gift a friend with Viator travel: If you want to send a Viator gift certificate to a friend, it’s fast and easy—and cheaper than you would find anywhere else!
  • Link Viator with your travel rewards programs: You can earn frequent flyer points just by linking your Viator bookings to your FFA numbers.
Viator: Find One-of-a-Kind Discount Travel Deals Online