Shopping with lists, coupons and sorting multi-transactions can be hectic enough. Tossing in a notebook to jot down sales prices and store information can be even more complicated.

But I have a little secret: I take photos–a lot of photos–of products and prices with my smartphone.

  • If I spot an item on clearance I have a coupon for at home, I take a photo of the product and price tag to reference later.
  • If I need to request a rain check because a product is out, I take a photo of the price tag/SKU and bring it to the cashier to complete a rain check form for me.
  • If I want to ensure I am receiving the full savings on an in-store sale, I take a photo of the advertised special and bring it with me to the checkout counter.
  • If I spot a deal I can’t wait to share with my friends and family, then it’s snap, send and share!
  • If I want to track prices at different stores, I snap a pic of the product and price to make an informed decision on where to make my purchase.
  • If I want to review the price and combine it with sales cycles to ensure the best deal before I stockpile, I take a pic to go home and determine if it’s worth stocking up now or waiting.

My phone is always within arm’s reach while I shop. I whip it out and click my way to greater savings.

By taking photos, I save time, paper and sanity. I can easily reference a clearance item at home to check and see if I do have the coupon to apply, assist a store clerk with writing rain checks instead of thumbing through the weekly sales ad, and, on occasion, help a clerk clarify a store sale that does not ring up properly simply by showing the photo at checkout.

When all is said and done, I delete the photos to make room for next week’s deals.

This has been a guest post by Deborah from San Diego, CA
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Snap Savings: Take Pictures to Track Price Adjustments, Get Rain Checks and More