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It’s time to bust or prove all the myths you’ve heard about Target and answer your questions. Can you get your Target Starbucks with a curbside order? Does Target price match? Does Target have layaway? What about Target rain checks? Let’s find out.

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1. Use RedCard for 5% off your Target Starbucks order — and have them bring it out to you.

A person's hand holding up a Starbucks iced coffee in front of a Target storefront.

If you’re a RedCard holder, stop by your Target Starbucks before you shop. If you pay with your RedCard, you’ll get 5% off your shopping latte. Be sure to take a peek at your Target app for exclusive Circle offers like 40% off any Starbucks beverage. These coupons are sometimes found under the “Just for You” tab in your app.

Starting in the fall of 2022, you’ll be able to add Target Starbucks cafe items to pickup orders.

In-Store Deal
Starbucks Cappuccino, 12 oz
$2.14 $3.75 (43% Off)
Expires May 5, 2024

2. Target price match is a real thing.

A person holding their phone displaying an air fryer product page on the Amazon app next to a Target shopping cart with an air fryer sitting in it.

Does Target price match? Yes, they do. Target price matches their online retail competitors, but don’t worry — the competitor list is hefty. Price matching at Target is very easy, too. We break down all the ins and outs of Target price matching in our article. Here are all the stores where you can take advantage of Target price matching:

Show proof of the lower price while you’re at the register and the cashier will change the price for you. (Just pull up the product on your phone and show the cashier. Boom.) They’ll even match Target.com if you find a better price.

I like to use the Amazon app to scan products while I’m in the store at Target. Matching items will pull up in the app, and if it’s a lower price, all I have to do is show my screen to the Target cashier. You can even price-match up to 14 days after purchase.

Exceptions on price matching include clearance, closeout, and liquidation-sale items.


3. Target layaway doesn’t exist — but there are options.

A sign advertising Walmart layaway inside a Walmart.

Contrary to popular belief, Target layaway isn’t a thing. Although they don’t have layaway, you can use a “Buy Now Pay Later” service. At Target, you can use Sezzle, Affirm, and Klarna.


4. You can get a Target rain check.

A woman looking at an empty shelf in an aisle at Target.

Miss a Target sale? You can still get a Target rain check. With a rain check, receive the sale price for 30 – 45 days after a sale for any item your Target doesn’t have in stock in the store during the advertised sale. The rain check can even be used at other Target locations.

Target makes a few exceptions — like no rain checks for clearance, price cut, temporary price cut, and Everyday Low Price items that are excluded from the weekly ad and items that state “No Rain Checks.”


5. Target is not always more expensive than Walmart.

A woman standing behind a red Target shopping cart, holding a container of tide pods, with other laundry products in the basket of the cart.

Is Target more expensive than Walmart? Surprisingly, when we compared over 60 products, Target came out as the cheaper store overall. You can get things like Pepsi, Tide Pods, and popular shampoo and conditioner brands cheaper than you would find them at Walmart, especially when it comes to store brands. A lot of the time, this is thanks to Circle offers within the Target app and the RedCard. For example:



6. Target RedCard holders can get a 5% gift card discount, but only on some gift cards.

A woman holding a Disney gift card and Apple iTunes gift card in front a rack of gift cards at Target

Always use your Target RedCard when you buy gift cards for other stores in order to receive a 5% gift card discount. You can also use it to buy Disney gift cards for 5% less than their face value. (Hint: use Disney gift cards to purchase park tickets for a discount!)

You can’t, however, use a RedCard to buy Target gift cards, prepaid cards, stock cards, Gift of College cards, or lottery gift cards.

Every year in December, Target gift cards are available for 10% off for RedCard members. The sale only lasts two days, and you can only buy $500 in gift cards per account.


7. You can stack dollar-off manufacturer coupons and percent-off Target store coupons.

A person holding a manufacturer coupon and their phone displaying a TargetCircle offer next to a shelf full of Tide products.

Couponing at Target doesn’t have to be complicated. Target has two types of “Circle offers” or coupons in the Target app. These are digital coupons.

The first are percent-off store coupons and the second are dollar-off manufacturer coupons. The big difference between them is the number of times each can be redeemed. Percent-off store coupons may be redeemed up to four times per transaction, and dollar-off manufacturer coupons are single use and can only be used in stores.

In total, you can combine a manufacturer coupon, store coupon, and a Circle offer on one item at Target.


8. Target products can be returned without a receipt.

A person inserting their credit card at the POS machine at Target's return counter.

Need to make a Target return without a receipt? If you use a RedCard, credit card, debit card, or your Target Circle account, Target customer service can look up your past purchase with your form of payment or Target Circle account. You have 90 days to return your purchase with or without a receipt. RedCard users get an extra 30 days on top of that.

Electronics only have a 30-day return policy, but Target RedCard holders still get an additional 30 days on top of that. If customer service can’t find the proof of payment at all, you can still get a merchandise card for store credit, but you’ll need to provide your state ID. When returning without a receipt using a state ID, you can only return up to $100 per year per ID.


9. Open beauty and makeup products can be returned with the Target makeup return policy.

A person's hands holding an opened Covergirl Lash Blast Volume mascara at the return counter inside Target.

Did you buy one of the viral TikTok makeup items and end up hating it? If you opened up that foundation and decided it wasn’t the right shade for you, you’re in luck. The Target makeup return policy states that you have 90 days after purchase to return it whether you opened it or not.


10. Target brand items do have a one-year return policy.

Two baby outfits laying next to a target bag. One of the outfits is being lifted with the label reading cat and Jack clearly visible.

While most of your purchases have a 90-day limit for returns, Target’s own brands like Cat & Jack, Made by Design, and All in Motion can be returned up to a year after you buy them. Here’s the caveat: “You must keep the original receipt. After 90 days, or 120 with the RedCard, we cannot verify proof of purchase. According to the policy, it will be a merchandise credit.”



11. For Target returns, you don’t have to give back promotional gift cards, but your refund will be reduced.

A Target employee handing someone a Target gift card at the register.

Promotional gift cards are those you may receive from offers like “Spend $50 on diapers, get a $5 gift card.” If you return an item that earned you a promotional gift card at Target, you can keep that gift card, but your refund will be less than the amount you paid.

For example, if you buy two beauty products for $5.99 each and receive a $5 promotional gift card, you won’t get $11.98 back if you return both items and keep the gift card. Instead, you’ll be refunded $6.98 (the total price of both beauty products minus the $5 promotional gift card).


12. Target wine drinking while you shop isn’t a thing.

A person's hand holding up a bottle of Barefoot Moscato wine in the Wine and Beer aisle at Target.

Target wine drinking — true or false? A rumor was going around that some Targets sold wine at the front of their stores so you could shop and drink.

The truth is, one store in Chicago applied for a liquor license, and people thought it meant they would be able to shop with a glass of wine in hand.

What actually happened was some Starbucks stores had their Evenings Program, which meant they would sell wine and beer. This particular Target had a Starbucks with that program in it, but you had to stay in the cafe area with your beverage. Starbucks has since stopped selling wine and beer altogether.


13. You don’t have to buy two products in a “buy 2 for $4” sale at Target.

A shelf of Perfect Bars stocked in the refrigerated section in Target with sale tags advertising a 2/$4 sale.

If Target has a sale, two for $4, you can buy just one item and get it for $2. This goes for “2 for $7” sales (you can get them separately for $3.50 each) and any other “2 for X” sales.

However, the “when you buy 3” sales require you to buy three products in order to get the discount. For example, we often see Starbucks coffee bags for $5.99 each when you buy three. So you’ll need to purchase three bags to receive the $5.99 price per bag.

Discount Target Starbucks & Other Shopping Myths: Busted or Proven