The days of trading in old electronics for gift cards is unfortunately a thing of the past. Thanks to the end of the Target Tech Trade-In Program, you can’t get Target gift cards for trading in old smartphones, consoles, tablets, and smart speakers at the moment. But, as you’ll see below, that doesn’t mean it’s gone forever.

But, you can still get free Target gift cards plenty of other ways in the meantime. Bookmark the KCL Target deals page so you don’t miss any deals on electronics, gift cards, and more.


The Target Tech Trade-In Program is gone for now, but watch for a return in 2021.

Just because you can’t trade in your old electronics for Target gift cards right now doesn’t mean you’ll never be able to again. I spoke with a Target associate and it looks like the program might make a comeback in September 2021. I’ll make sure to keep you up on the return of Target Tech Trade-In program once I get the official word.


Other retailers often offer more for trading in tech.

While it’s too bad you can’t return your electronics for gift cards at Target right now, other retailers with trade-in programs sometimes offered more anyways. While Target offered a $99.54 gift card for a used PlayStation 4, both Best Buy and Amazon offered $125.


There’s plenty of other places to trade in your old electronics.

While you’re waiting for the return of the Target Tech Trade-In program, you should check out what other retailers and websites are offering to trade in your used electronics. Here’s a list of the places you should check out:


Used Items You Can Trade in for Target Gift Cards