Did you know you can trade used items for Target gift cards? Things like: old phones, tablets, gaming consoles or even unused gift cards from other retailers?

I wanted to test this out, so I traded in a few used things. Now, this may not be the best value you can get for these items but it’s just so easy to do that I wanted to tell you about it.

First, check the Target Trade-In website to see if there’s a participating Target in your area.

Next, select your item from a list, answer a few questions about it and Target will estimate how much the amount of your gift card will be. Note that the amount can vary from day-to-day.

Finally, take your item to your participating Target store. Double-check with customer service, but at my store, Target trade-in is located in the Electronics department.

Here’s how I got $200.16 in Target gift cards:

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6 Used Items You Can Trade in for Target Gift Cards