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I Compared 60+ Prices at Target vs. Walmart — Here's Who's Actually Cheaper

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Even though most 2023 prices are higher than they were last year, the ongoing Target versus Walmart battle remains. When it comes to the lowest prices on household essentials, diapers, pet supplies, personal care items, and more, there’s still a clear winner.

Between Walmart Rollbacks, Target Circle Offers, and printable coupons you can use to save more, it’s impossible to know right off the bat which store is cheaper, and for which items. That’s why I rolled up my sleeves and compared prices on over 60 common products sold at Walmart and Target to give you the final answer you’ve been waiting for.

So, in the Target vs. Walmart battle for the lowest prices, who takes the lead? I’ll give you a hint — your 5% Target RedCard discount makes a huge difference here.

The numbers presented below are based on online prices at the time of writing this article, so what you see in stores may vary.

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1. Target Circle vs. Walmart Plus: Which program is better?

someone holding up two phones, one displaying the Walmart app and the other displaying the Target app

It’s kind of like comparing apples to oranges, but I’ll try my best to compare the two programs side-by-side:

Target Circle is Target’s free rewards program. You get 1% back on Target purchases, plus it’s the only way to access Target Circle offers. Honestly, shopping at Target without a Circle account is just a waste of savings. If you’re a RedCard holder, Target swaps your 1% back Circle rewards with the exclusive 5% RedCard discount on Target purchases. That’s free to sign up for, too.

On the other hand, Walmart Plus costs $12.95 a month and comes with exclusive, member-only benefits. You get free two-day shipping, free returns from home, free grocery delivery, and early access to Black Friday sales (plus a few extra perks sprinkled in).

With that said, Target Circle is worth it no matter what. But if you’re a die-hard Walmart shopper, it may be worth signing up for a membership, as long as you can justify the $12.95 monthly cost. The good news is, Walmart lets you sign up for a 30-day free trial, so you can give it a month-long test drive.

2. The Target RedCard has more benefits than the Walmart Capital One Rewards Credit Card.

hand holding target redcard in store electronics section

Of course, the store credit card you choose will likely depend on which store you frequent most. But when it comes down to it, there’s a clear winner in the battle of the Target RedCard vs. the Walmart Capital One Rewards Card. Let’s take a look:

a comparison for the Target RedCard and Walmart Capital One Credit Card

The biggest difference is that Walmart offers rewards as cash back, but Target offers rewards as a plain and simple discount, which is automatically deducted from purchases you make with your RedCard. I don’t know about you, but I’ll take a discount over rewards with limited redemption options any day. Plus, you can get your 5% RedCard discount online and in stores, versus 5% back on only.

The Target RedCard also comes with other benefits, like free shipping on most Target purchases and an extra 30 days for returns (giving you 120 days vs. the standard 90-day return window).

Walmart may give you a lower interest rate (depending on your creditworthiness) and a slightly lower APR on cash advances compared to the Target Mastercard, but overall, the Target RedCard gives you more valuable benefits than the Walmart Capital One Rewards Card.

3. Walmart beats Target prices for quite a few food items.

Someone pushing a cart filled with grilling essentials at Walmart

Target and Walmart grocery prices are pretty competitive, especially when it comes to classic food staples from top brands like Jif, Kraft, and Motts.

Target has a few food items that are already cheaper before you apply any RedCard discount. But on the other hand, Walmart has other items for cheaper even with the extra 5% factored into the Target price.

Ultimately, where to shop for groceries will come down to Target’s weekly ad prices and Circle offers versus Walmart Rollback deals happening at that time. And don’t forget to grab all your grocery coupons before shopping at either store.

Here’s the breakdown for prices on food items (with Target’s 5% RedCard discount factored in):

price comparison for food items at Target and Walmart

4. Target beats Walmart for baby formula, diapers, and other baby items.

A woman shopping for Pampers diapers with coupons in Target.

At regular prices, Walmart is cheaper for popular baby items — but only by a matter of cents. So when you factor in the 5% Target RedCard discount, Target takes the lead. But of course, a Walmart sale price might just beat Target’s RedCard price every once in a while. So keep the latest Walmart deals close by.

Target also gives Walmart a run for their money when it comes to the best diaper deals. They regularly drop Target gift card promos on Huggies or Pampers, like these:

  • Buy Two Diaper Packs, Get a $15 Target Gift Card

  • Spend $75 on Diapers, Get a $15 Target Gift Card

In the Target vs. Walmart battle for baby items, you’ll get lower prices at Target with your RedCard than what you’d get at Walmart.

price comparison for baby items at Target and Walmart

TIP: Use the Ibotta app for cashback deals on diapers from Target or Walmart, like $1.50 back on Pampers or $2 back on Pull-Ups.

5. Stock up on household essentials from Target instead of Walmart.

box of facial tissue on top on pack of toilet paper

Target’s everyday prices on household items like toilet paper, trash bags, and tissues are often within cents of Walmart’s. But when you throw in your RedCard discount, Target immediately has an edge over Walmart.

Keep an eye out for Target gift card promos like “get a $10 gift card on $50+ household purchases,” or Target Circle offers for 5% – 20% off various household products.

price comparison for household products at Target and Walmart

6. Buy laundry products at Target for lower prices than at Walmart.

tide and gain laundry detergent bottles in target basket

I feel like a broken record, but with your 5% RedCard discount, Target’s prices on laundry products are lower than Walmart’s. Even though Walmart beat Target with their price on Bounce dryer sheets, Target RedCard prices won (within cents) on liquid detergent and pods. This is true even before you factor in Circle offers and gift card promos, which Target regularly has for top laundry brands.

If you don’t have a Target RedCard yet, shop for laundry items at Walmart instead and look for Ibotta offers to save more. And don’t forget your laundry coupons for top brands like Tide, Gain, and Downy.

price comparison for laundry products at Target and Walmart

7. Target wins for pet supplies, beating Walmart by $1 – $2 per product.

Someone shopping for dog food at Target

After comparing Target vs. Walmart prices on top pet supplies, Target comes out a step ahead of Walmart. Even though Walmart’s regular prices are slightly lower for items like dog food, treats, and toys, they can’t beat Target’s prices with the extra 5% RedCard discount.

Target also regularly drops Circle offers on pet supplies, like 20% off dog and cat toys, 10% off Milk-Bone, and more. Combining offers like these with your RedCard discount makes Target a true winner in the pet category.

price comparison for pet supplies at Target and Walmart

8. Target vs. Walmart toy prices are a close call, but Target still takes the lead.


Walmart and Target have exactly the same prices for some of the hottest toys on the market right now, like Lego Star Wars sets and Fisher-Price Little People. But once again, that 5% RedCard discount makes all the difference. Plus, Target has some lower regular prices than Walmart on select Nerf blasters, Barbie dolls, and more.

Don’t forget that the Target Toy Sale and the Walmart Toy Clearance both happen in June and December — that’s where you’ll find the most competitive prices on top toys. However, comparing Target vs. Walmart prices during these sales isn’t easy. All the best deals are in stores and selections vary by store location.

price comparison for toys at Target and Walmart

TIP: Keep an eye out for the famous Target toy coupon to arrive in mid-October — you’ll score 25% off with Target Circle.

9. Target comes out ahead of Walmart for most medicine and first aid prices.

Red and blue first aid kits in a red target cart

Target wins over Walmart with lower prices on medicine and first aid supplies. Once again, this is all thanks to their exclusive RedCard discount.

Also, remember those Circle offers and gift card promos that Target releases weekly? You’ll find them on a bunch of medicine, pain relief, and first aid items. They’ll look like this:

  • 25% off Asutra Natural Pain Relief Oil Spray with Target Circle

  • Buy 2 Health Care Products, Get a $5 Target Gift Card

  • Spend $25 on Health Care Products, Get a $5 Target Gift Card

These offers will help you save even more on medical items from Target, bringing their prices even lower than Walmart’s.

price comparison for medical items at Target and Walmart

10. Where should you buy tampons and feminine supplies? Target prices are a tad lower than Walmart’s.


We’re talking about a $1 difference at most, but still — your Target RedCard will get you lower prices on tampons, pads, and more. So in the Target vs. Walmart battle for feminine care products, Target takes the lead again.

Be sure to grab coupons on popular brands like Tampax, Poise, and Always before you shop, and check the Ibotta app for cashback offers on these items, too.

price comparison for feminine supplies at Target and Walmart

11. It’s a tie for personal care items like soap, body wash, and toothpaste — Walmart and Target prices are about the same.


The Target vs. Walmart battle for personal care items surprised me. Even with your Target RedCard, Walmart’s prices on select items are still lower. But I found that Target had just as many items with lower prices than Walmart. So, I’m calling this one a tie.

When you need to buy soap, mouthwash, lotion, body wash, or toothpaste, which store you visit will have to be a game-time decision. Again, be sure to check both Target and Walmart weekly ads to see which store has better deals at that time.

price comparison for personal care items at Target and Walmart

TIP: You can get up to $5 worth of Dove and Unilever coupons when you sign up for their email list.

12. Stop by Target for cheaper hair and makeup products.

a person shopping for hair care products at Target

So, who wins for lower prices on hair care and makeup? You guessed it. Target again inches ahead of Walmart by about $0.02 – $0.40 per item at RedCard prices.

When looking at Target vs. Walmart prices for popular brands like Garnier, L’Oreal, and Covergirl, Walmart’s regular prices were lower by a matter of cents. But that extra 5% discount brought Target’s prices down even lower. For the most part, you’ll find slightly better prices on shampoo, conditioner, lipstick, and mascara at Target.

price comparison for hair care and makeup at Target and Walmart

Overall, Walmart is cheaper at regular prices, but Target beats Walmart with the 5% RedCard discount 9 times out of 10.

Walmart’s “everyday low prices” are real, and most times, they’re lower than Target’s regular prices. But only Target offers RedCard members 5% off their Target purchases, which basically goes for almost everything they sell. So, with your RedCard, you’ll often pay less at Target than what you’d pay for the same item at Walmart. While this isn’t always the case, it’s true for most if not many items, since Target and Walmart prices are generally close as it is.

Also, Circle Offers make Target stand out even more. You could save anywhere from 5% to 50% on common household essentials, pet supplies, hair care, makeup, and even clothing. And when you combine that with your 5% RedCard discount, Walmart doesn’t stand a chance.

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