We all know that powdered milk is cheaper than liquid milk, but how can we save on dairy without sacrificing taste?

Compare medium to large eggs

Are large eggs worth their weight?  How do you know what you’re paying per ounce?  Here’s a tip.  If a dozen large eggs cost 10-20 cents more than a dozen medium eggs, go with the medium!  You’ll get more egg for less money.  Or, as we so eloquently put it (NOT!), less cost per yolk!

Consider buying 1/2 gallons of milk

When in the pursuit of the cheapest milk, don’t neglect to look at the 1/2 gallon prices.  Often, stores will run sales or release in-store coupons on the 1/2 gallon milk jugs, making two of them less expensive than one gallon!

Buy discount cheese ends

Have a secret fetish for deli cheese?  Heather’s never met a cheese she didn’t like! But the closer you get to the deli, the more cheese can cost! Here’s a little-known secret.  Ask your deli cashier if they sell cheese-ends (remnants or heels of leftover cheese blocks and rounds).  Many stores sell them at a discounted rate.

Want some more? Learn the secrets to saving on produce and bread and tune in tomorrow to learn how to save on meat!

Supermarket Secrets: How to Save on Dairy