We all know that cutting meat out of our diet and eating beans and rice would save us money, but how can we save if we don’t want to sacrifice? Here are three tips which will have you filleting, grilling and sautéing with extra change in your pocket.

The best time to buy meat is in the morning

Morning is often the best time to find meat on clearance. When the butcher comes in each morning, he walks around his department, and any meat that is marked sell-by the same day is marked down by 30-50% off. Ask your local butcher when they make routine markdowns.

Substitute less-expensive cuts of meat

Instead of cutting meat out of your meals, if you want to eat meat, consider substituting less expensive cuts.

A porterhouse could cost you $25/lb. But a ribeye will only cost half that. Other great, inexpensive options include: flank steaks (otherwise known as London broil) or skirt steaks, which are great for grilling. Just marinade them and cook to medium.

A prime rib roast will cost you upwards of $17/lb, but a top round roast will only cost $3.99/lb. Again, marinate well, and the meat will become more tender. If you want it to really melt in your mouth, place it in a slow cooker for 6 hours and it will melt just like prime rib!

Befriend your butcher

Did you know that your butcher will cut any meat from the butcher block for you? He can cut a roast into steaks or even grind it into ground beef. Instead of buying ground beef, purchase a chuck roast on sale and ask the butcher to grind it. The end product will be the same, but you’ll spend far less for it. Most butchers will do this free of charge.

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Supermarket Secrets: How to Save on Meat